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#1 2006-12-01 13:23:58

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Re: War of the Worlds

Back in the 60's I was geting pretty hot for science space exploration and science introduce to the theaters as fiction. One thing a human replica hates is detection he spins his whole life on trying to replicate a human assume some pretense to co-exist and slay you if you are a human reader that is.
So is what I did with this documentation of events was to slip the date  back into time back to 1952 a couple of years before I was born just to say it was here before I was even born dont blame me.
It would even work for the bible ya it was always here, bullshi-t.
I took a motion camera with me and documented the events of this earth invasion that was made into a movie on the last remake of the movie with the one actor I do not care for  they  must of had the original film  scrap every thing is very close to what actualy happen and appeared.
In the last scene where the UFO is laying up against a building I think I knock that one out with a  combustion laser.
Me and this other tag along went and pried the hatch open and this alien communicated that this person beside me was a human replica and was fooling me of his  DNA origin.
so I did not know what the war was about but from what I gather from this meeting is that the world was just a battle ground weather they where at war with earth or the replica humans or did not care about saving the original inhabitant humans I dont know?
It is like going to war in France to kill the Germans but just bomb the hell out of their cities any way did we save the French or where we just killing them as a nusiance just to get to the Germans.
So the distinct aliens are not here any more for this breif war but the replica aliens still are and right here amoungst us.
So if you want to kill aliens get into some  remote detectors  and blast the hell out of them, they well look up to you as some sort of ruler of earth.


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