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#1 2006-07-01 12:29:08

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Re: Blue Steel Space Craft

:shock: Should we make our space crafts to protect true blue people? Not just any body go, there is a old Navy blue steel that was use in ship building to prohibit  the covert intrusion of human replicas. The steel several different types one would look at and gaze and become brain dead other blue steels made them sick sluff off and die another would strip its impostter of the human shell to expose what ever alien was operating the bio look  alike modle. I had a design for a space craft the contractor was to build it they ask what steel I said Navy Blue to keep these bug people off me, they order in the steel it took some time to get in once it arrive a lot of the ship builders died off mysteriously. So on it went to the employment most people they hired died from it untill the ship builders where down to apprentice no experince but once filter out on who was alive where only blue eye brunettes instead of showing symptoms of toxic poisoning actualy where vigerated by it and felt more harmony of it and where very dedicated to the ship building. smile


#2 2006-08-11 15:28:24

From: Alabama
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Re: Blue Steel Space Craft



#3 2006-08-11 16:51:00

From: Biosphere 1
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Re: Blue Steel Space Craft

He's just letting you know that "blue steel" melts the aliens-that-look-like-shipyard-workers (ATLLSW), and that's why you should use it to build your prototype spacecraft.  Undoubtedly because otherwise the ATLLSW will sabotage your efforts.

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#4 2006-08-12 10:08:17

From: Chandler, AZ
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Re: Blue Steel Space Craft

I thought the message was to only hire blue-eyed brunettes to help build the ship and maybe crew it, because blue-steel is toxic to everyone else?

Though I'm not so sure of the practicality of this - sure it kills the aliens, but if only blue-eyed brunettes can fly in the ship, it's not all that practical - they're fairly rare after all.


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