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#1 2006-06-03 11:59:47

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Re: Believe it or not

Some aliens have territory  disputes. Back around 1965 I was doing some independent space exploration some where in this galaxy and came close to some planet that turn up like a hot hornets nest, I had some chemical combustion lasers and nock off a few space craft and then headed full throttle back to earth and notice I had some alien chasing me for trillions of miles. He had some tracktors beam or sensors and was hard to combat that his sensors would pick up my thoughts so he was hard to out manuever. I made it back to earth area and it took its attention off me for a second in earths orbit and I manage to come in on a triangle manuver and blast him with my lasers and killem. This I did not know until I landed that he had screwed up all of earth some how things where different power was off. About three days later some Air Force Officer approach me and said that you had encounter a alien that had screwed up all of the earth for three days they listed some complaints of damage suffered I was scared to admit it was me I thought I might get blame for earths problems. But the officers where happy that I got him they like my tactic but I should have gotem trillions of miles out. The Air Force said he was real mean a real bad ass we all felt him here on earth.
So now I ponder did some alien by knowledge of time plant a replica of humans and use amphibians and some sea enmies or some spiders to duplicate our race and to trance us to except them because they are in the government offices who say to tolerate them why they secretly mass murder us humans? roll


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