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#1 2006-05-11 13:36:08

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Re: UFO's in Vietnam

This is what happen back in that era since some of the space explorers where active military. Sometimes we may have encounter a technical problem that another service man was familar with but since then has been transfer to Vietnam. We thought nothing of going to Vietnam in our Spacecraft and find the person most often they would give him a transfer of space duty to spend his time on active space exploration.
I remember once I was in Vietnam some where by the DMZ working on a DoD contract the weapons needed to be tested under normal combat condition for funds to be approve. I was about 11 years old and most people just hate kids to begin with. There in this hot jungle base one day all of the air raid alarms sirens went off. These well trained soldiers got to there flak guns some shooting I look up and there out of the misty air where several huge flying saucer shape UFO's. Some of the pilots where AF and good at getting in with every ones guard is down. Then on loud speaker came on hold your fire friendly UFO's the order was given not to shoot the announcer kind of lower his voice and said was major such and such Air Force looking for a civilian mil. It was so funny to see these UFO'S hanging in air as this is not unusal to all these other soldiers look at each other. Well they where inviting me to take a space trek with them  to test out a new improve innovation.


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