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#1 2006-05-10 14:33:15

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Re: Aliens well Fight

This realy happen; I was out cruising out of the solar sytem it has been about two weeks since I left so I was kind of relax then all of a sudden all my  alert warning  systems came on I pick up on my starboard side a indication of rapid moving vessel I immediately went into combat mode. I had a high energy laser that dose not half to be aim by using the nose of the space craft it turn track and fired and remain on about a several billion miles away the sensors where picking it up and it was rapidly moving right up the laser beam firing fuzz balls along the way that where burning right threw my spacecraft. It came right up along side me shooting these fuzzballs of energy my laser was nocking the crap out of it and rapidly  blowing out port windows and other details debries flying all over the place it approach within fifty yards of me and went out ahead of me I had a high position on it and my laser began spliting the craft right down the center then automaticly made numerous hits elsewhere the lights where blinding after being in dark space for so long. I notice the ship was losing power lights where shutting down parts and debries where being blasted off windows shoot out it went dead.  A fast thrill kill we both just lay there in space I assist my damage and his. The chemical energy burns has its own aura. I decided to take board the vessel and kill any survivors this piss me off the attack. So after a hour had gone by I attach a line from my spacecraft to theres so mine would not slide off away into space while I enter by shooting and prying a passage way door open. I got in with a laser rifle its about like playing laser tag. The ship stunk it had a crawly feeling to it. I enter threw zero gravity and found a narrow hallway and was going to push myself down ready with the laser and just clear the corner and drop to the floor. I thought they had blasted off and I was being push agains the floor from the excelleration. But then notice they had gravity upon the vessel in the hall way. I walk on down the hall and kick in kinky doors I manage to kill a couple I look for other dead alien bodies the automatic laser work pretty well on finishing them off. Then three of them darted off down the hall way I tried for a shot. I had to getem before they summon recruits and had to make the sweaty decision to run pass the corner of the hallway and get a shot at them as soon as I hit the end of the hallway I hit zero gravity again and was at a vulnerable position like slipping on a banna peel or ice. They disapperd. I like the gravity system thats what we all hope for in space exploration some gravity it drives one nuts after along time not to have it. So I radio back to earth I  have taken hostile alien space craft into custody, and prepared to turn around and hid back to earth with this catch for gravity technology. This craft looks almost like a big steel shipping container no wings about twenty feet high and about thirty feet wide and about sixty feet  long. I approach earth contacted the airforce trying to find a airfield who well accept capture alien spacecraft. I found one that aknowledge it has been a long time I think it was Richards AFB? I ask how do I land this tub in tow he said just come burning on in on the runway and skid it along. Fortunatley it had good aerodynamics and there wasnt a problem on landing it.  I got the tub there and he order in several more shipping containers to blend it on in for camo to keep other curious questioners fooled. roll


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