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#1 2006-05-09 16:59:46

Registered: 2006-05-05
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Re: Marshians and Aliens I Have Encounter

First of  all you do not half to go into space to find marshians. Good place to find marshians if you have test equipment remote stephescope, CVR, illumination,  remote laser temperature gun, infarred photography ect; go to Utah the mormons where made by a frog smith true marshians.
The ones in space I mention on another post about a lizzard looking ones defeated on Mars along with another alien vistor that look like a small midget human appearnce, who was nock down by a R2D2 laser sentry surprize he should have been killed by this powerful laser that would burn threw rocks in a milli second his  space suit when I pulled it back prevented this but he was chard on the inside and complain of being hit. This  alien was mention and the Martian chroncles where made about him because of some accoustic thing that he use to make one think it was another person of memory. Other Aliens detected here on earth and I investigated from sensor readings that prove positive, It has been a long time but to locate the star cluster about on the 40th paralle at 5:am in July at the 9:30 position if the rising sun is 12 oclock. There after visting a mining planet they sure had a way to move a lot of mass I organize the first interstellar attack  from I think it was either Patterson or Peterson AFB with volunteer fighter pilots. We spent to much ammo on the mining planet I thought but we located the main three planets of large populations, with there space ships coming to and fro the planet we blasted them and drop plutonium bombs on them and repeated nuclear strike with ICBMs onto there planets.  I landed with a couple of pilots for some recon and two of the pilots got captured and where held prisoner for eight years. They made it back and talk to me saying they where the filthyest pigs and just hated there guts.


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