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#1 2006-05-06 18:34:13

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Re: Take a big chance

When I was on Mars with a team of fellow explores we notice the soil was almost gaseous if you piss on it or pour water on it. We where living in a glass bubble on the surface waiting for our resupply ship to make it in a robot space craft with supplies. Lt. Colonel Kirk ? got real interested in this one element of Mars that it was so volitable it was much easy to excited and had tremendous foot pounds of energy behind it. So he started doing test comparing thrust of our earth fuel with home made Mars fuel their was a significant gain he got out his pencil and went threw the maybe's and figure we could do if work cut our 6 months travell down save supplies and do some inter planetary exploration and still make it back to earth with supplies to spare if we change to Mars fuel. This was kind of iffee if it dont work we do not have a tank to drain the fuel into as a reserve and well be maroon on Mars with no fuel if dose work we well be saving time dramaticly. So we voted to die I made sure on the application that each one must be welling to give up his life for space exploration or you dont get on the team I just hate people with peeevs who want to turn around as soon as there is zero gravity or fear of their own cowardly pathetic lives of zero value to anyone.  Well we voted gulp I did not want to become maroon and did not think this was the place for a disaster experiment on us but I just hate the travel time So we made the change we loaded up and he took off for a spin It had incredible speed I got scared and piss he took our craft for longer with no communications and thought he may have deserted and went back to earth. The next day he was back and said he did incredible milege and got half way near Jupitor. So we pack up and split up one space craft had some dedicated explorers three who said they where going to the closes next solar system I think he said Alpha Century. I and a few others took on another mission to Jupitor a few stayed behind on Mars as a front for communications.  The distances where so vast to rely. We split up and took off. I did many other explorations in the maen time and return to Earth quite frequently. Finaly five years later I was on a deep space mission with Lt.Cln Kirk and he said where passing threw a old radio transmission we where way out of the  earth solar sytem in deep space with a new fuel not Martian he collected the transmission on tape and then played in fast forward to make it audible some dopler effect. Then way in the hell out there we pick up the faintist little signal we tried boosting it and the it got clearer we could not figure it out a transmission this far out in space maybe alien? We continue to monitor then he sent out a halling signal to unidentified source. It took some time to get there then they pick up on it and tried to boost their signal and Kirk look over at me and said do you know who that is he mention the name he said those where such and such and I said I vaugley remember it was those guys we where on Mars with five years ago we split up with they went to Alpha Century Solar system. I thought wow that long they have been up I forgot about them since the we have improve the fuel from the slow running Martian that we thought was hot then. They started getting closer the radio louder and they where just praying to us that they heard a human voice out here in space the first one in five years Kirk said they are on the way back to earth and well be passing over head at light speed in contrast direction. Those guys started to whoop it up real loud like cowboys on passing and so happy to see us. We ask about their mission and they said they made it too Alpha Century  found some other dark planets no life on them and found a large draft star on the the trajectory of earth headed right  at it and gave some time of arrival.  We monitor them all the way to earth and it sounded like they had hit the atmosphere of earth to step or sounded like they had encounter a problem on returning to earth.


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