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#1 2006-01-07 04:07:13

From: Belgium
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Re: Test, one two...


A section of the board, dedicated to all things New Mars Wiki!  big_smile
I kept nagging Josh about this, and now that it is here... The whole thing seems daunting, because it's so empty, but it shouldn't.

The way I see this section, (but don't take my views too seriously...) well it would be a place to discuss some Wiki-related stuff (duh); The advantage of a 'walled-off' section is that it doesn't have to interfere with on-going discussions on the board, if you see something on the boards, instead of 'interfering' there and starting to discuss how it could fit into the wiki, just post it here, with a link to the discussion etc...

-To suggest articles;

-To REQUEST articles;

-To point to existing or budding threads on the board that could be used as a basis for Wiki articles;

-To post your stuff. There are probably people that do not want to work out how you add content to a Wiki, no problem, just put it up here, and ask for it to get 'wikified'...

-etc, etc. (I hope someone comes up with batch of good suggestions)


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