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#26 2008-05-06 15:39:04

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Re: Discussion on TAMPERING with the truth (revised)

Still, these images (with or without captions like "proof of alien Zen temple structure + space dolphin pyramids" etc) keep appearing on the "extant life on Mars crank web sites".

While I sure don't believe these images represent what the UFO cranks think they show, I find some of them truly fascinating, especially the ones that appears to show brines and strange geology. It would be nice indeed to have some really high resolution images of these places, not only to debunk the crazies a'la what happened when the high-res "Face Of Mars" images appeared, but because I really am interested in what is actually causing these features.

Here's hoping.


#27 2008-05-12 09:23:37

From: North Carolina USA
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Re: Discussion on TAMPERING with the truth (revised)


Yes indeed. That is the fuel for the conspirators. Why no high resolution images? Your post did inspire a post on lake Steadman in the Mars water today thread.

Now are they playing us for funds or hiding something.

The next conspiracy will be the death of the rovers. The media leak was NASA funds need to be cut. There was an uproar from the wanttobe scientist like me.

Now Opportunity is stuck in a rut and Spirit is losing power in winter. Throw another log on the fire.


Argument expected.
I don't require agreement when presenting new ideas.

-Dana Johnson


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