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#1 2005-08-09 10:35:35

From: Chicago, Illinois
Registered: 2004-06-16
Posts: 2,635

Re: Black Mars alt-history

Alternate history scenario involving Mars.

A pair of A-bombs are dropped on the Normandy beachhead on 7 June 1944 or 8 June 1944. The invasion is crushed.

Hitler tells FDR & Churchill, accept an armistice so I can stop Stalin. Otherwise, Stalin rolls to the English Channel.  US & UK agree and turn to pummel Japan into oblivion. LendLease to Stalin ends.

With the air war ended (in exchange for Hitler recalling his U-boats and NOT dropping A-bombs on London) Hitler transforms tens of thousands of anti-aircraft batteries into anti-tank units and forms defensive lines along major rivers in Poland and southwards.  Fighter plane units that had been attacking B-17 formations now turn east as well.

Hitler builds more A-bombs as does the USA and a Cold War develops with London held hostage and eventually the Red Army is stalemated, even if the Wehrmacht cannot resume eastward movement. Italy becomes "Occupied Italy" and "Free Italy" - - think NKorea and SKorea. World War Two never officially ends with an uneasy truce along the English Channel & North Sea.

US & UK begin fighting the Soviets near Vladisvostok and on the northen Japanese islands. US A-bombs help as do the thousands of aircraft based on US carrier battle groups and later in Japan itself.

George Orwell's 1984 arrives 30 years early, when Stalin gets the A-bomb.

= = =

Fast forward. Hitler dies from Parkinsons by 1950 and Werner von Braun oversees the first human to Mars mission launched from equatorial Somolia in the 1970s.

Working title: "Black Mars"

Give someone a sufficient why and they can endure just about any how


#2 2005-08-10 21:41:09

Registered: 2001-09-20
Posts: 6,348

Re: Black Mars alt-history

So who are the Nazi's racing to Mars?


#3 2005-08-11 08:04:02

From: 18 tiwi gdns rd, TIWI NT 0810
Registered: 2005-03-18
Posts: 976

Re: Black Mars alt-history

As the new reich's leader, VonBraun is going for "ultimate achievement" in the old days, it would have been propaghanda and the aryan thing, but this new Director of a new Europe is going to definatly push for achievement - Very much a startrek kind of destination.

You need to look at the emergence of reentry technology. Vonbraun might advocate oneway to the moon and a Space station with resupply until reentry systems are perfected.

The failure of the transistor to emerge in this reality means that mass computations are done by rooms of mathematicians with sliderules all the way through to the seventies. Computers are not scaling down very well. Valves fail and hardware configurations are mass produced under government control to ensure technological security.

Even with a stalemate of Nazi got a bomb, there is going to be a world of secrets. Technology is the most prized. More so than human life.

Mars wont be acheivable in VonBrauns lifetime. He will know that but if he is fuhrer of Europe, he will put things in place to get the destination.


#4 2005-08-13 00:14:17

Ian Flint
From: Colorado
Registered: 2003-09-24
Posts: 437

Re: Black Mars alt-history

It sounds like a good story, Bill.  I love alternate history stuff.


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