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#1 2003-04-04 10:46:46

From: Phoenix AZ
Registered: 2003-04-04
Posts: 3

Re: Animals supported on mars. - Could it work?

[color=#000000:post_uid0]Hey all, new to the forums here. Doing a project for school with Mars. Anyway, could animal life be supported on Mars reletivly easily? I was thinking they could have cages for the animals other than dogs and cats with  re-fillable oxygen tanks. With the dogs and cats, they could just use the available oxygen in the living arrangments. Thanks all. I look forward to a response. big_smile[/color:post_uid0]


#2 2003-08-19 19:07:12

Anton Kuratnik
Registered: 2002-04-29
Posts: 31

Re: Animals supported on mars. - Could it work?

[color=#000000:post_uid0]wow I'm back after a looooooooooooong break. like 2 years. sweet. anyways.

You mustn't forget the pressure and the gravity are lower on mars, too. Besides, why would u need animals there at this stage?[/color:post_uid0]


#3 2003-08-21 11:54:53

From: ohio
Registered: 2003-07-02
Posts: 209

Re: Animals supported on mars. - Could it work?

[color=#FF0000:post_uid0]this topic is discussed in the "Food!" forum in life systems.[/color:post_uid0]

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