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#1 2001-10-14 20:13:46

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Re: The Role of Mars - Realistic reasons for colonizing Mars

I have already read the founding declaration and I think we can find a better reason for colonizing Mars than "just because we need a challange." Remember that the greatest killer of this plan will be the motto "We have enough to work on within Earth." The Brits did not come to America because they were bored.

Also the other declarations are a bit vague so we going to need a more vivid view of future Mars. So here is my view...

Our Earth is suffering because of reckless mining and robust industry. With every decade comes raw metals at the increasing expense of the environment. So we must stop all of this in order to let mother Earth recover. Where all get our new raw metals come, then? Simple. All the metal we need is  just floating out there in space within the Asteroid Belt. All we need do is place *automated* mining facilities and ship it away.

Here is where Mars enters. We move all industry to Mars and have the colony thier work as dock, port, and factory for the raw metals from the Belt. Then just package the processed materials and transport to Earth. The CO2 released from the factories will also help Mars terraforming projects.

Note: If you have any pull in the Society please send this idea to the brass. Maybe they can use this in a speech.


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