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#1 2004-02-15 22:18:21

From: Montreal, Canada
Registered: 2004-01-08
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Re: Other planet pics

Crappy by Hubble standards but descent by backyard standards. I'll do better in the summer I think when I don't freeze to death.

Jupiter: You can almost see the clouds.




Venus: It's so bright in the sky at sunset it's unbelievable. Couldn't get a good focus though.




#2 2004-03-23 07:40:38

From: the Netherlands
Registered: 2004-03-22
Posts: 8

Re: Other planet pics

Looks awsome danny,

How did you took those pics? mounting your camera on the telescope?

Saturn and Jupiter are very big, they are even so far away, still they are as big as venus on the telescope, and still venus is concentrated near the earth and quite the same as the earth (in weight)


#3 2004-03-23 09:34:11

From: Eden Hall, Cumbria
Registered: 2004-02-20
Posts: 563

Re: Other planet pics

Crappy by Hubble standards but descent by backyard standards. I'll do better in the summer I think when I don't freeze to death.

They may not look as clear as Hubble, but the satisfaction in capturing images of the planets is something that you just have to experience. I enjoy looking at pictures from Hubble (and other large pro telescopes) but I get as much pleasure looking at amateur pictures, as I know the time and effort that has gone into taking them.
Keep on taking them through winter, just try wearing more layers than one thick jacket, wear a good pair of gloves and hat - it gets easier standing out on freezing cold nights, after a while you don't even notice it, the excitement alone while I'm observing keeps me warm.

There was a young lady named Bright.
Whose speed was far faster than light;
She set out one day
in a relative way
And returned on the previous night.
--Arthur Buller--


#4 2004-06-30 10:38:43

Yang Liwei Rocket
Registered: 2004-03-03
Posts: 993

Re: Other planet pics

check this I found a picture of mars from a
backyard telescope on another website … 030629.jpg

'first steps are not for cheap, think about it...
did China build a great Wall in a day ?' ( Y L R newmars forum member )


#5 2004-06-30 13:41:12

From: USA
Registered: 2002-05-30
Posts: 9,734

Re: Other planet pics

*I wanted to get into astrophotography in my 'teens, but didn't have the equipment for it.  My parents weren't going to shell out over $300+ for an 8 mm camera (what they were all going for at the time) and a larger telescope with tracking, etc., etc...and my proceeds from babysitting and "odd jobs" wouldn't pay the tab either, of course.  tongue  To think I wanted to attempt it at all in the cloud-ridden/rotten-weather Midwest!  Ah well, grew up there...didn't seem so awful at the time.

Anyway, there's a guy named Croman -- an amateur -- whose photos are being showcased at!  Check out the "New Discoveries *3*" thread in the Science & Technology folder, page 6 (last post on that page), post dated June 24.  His pics are being compared alongside of Hubble.  yikes 

I'd love to try my hand at astrophotography some day.  Especially solar astrophotography.  Nebulae too -- but I'd want to develop colorful pics...the gray-ghostlike images are fine and I know it takes time and effort, but I'd want really pretty stuff to make it worth my while. 

--Cindy  smile

We all know [i]those[/i] Venusians: Doing their hair in shock waves, smoking electrical coronas, wearing Van Allen belts and resting their tiny elbows on a Geiger counter...

--John Sladek (The New Apocrypha)


#6 2022-08-26 13:23:09

Registered: 2006-03-23
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Re: Other planet pics

A Small North Texas Town Is Fighting to Preserve the Natural Night Sky … y-11968503


#7 2022-08-26 15:08:08

Registered: 2018-04-27
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Re: Other planet pics

For Mars_B4_Moon re this topic from 2004

I've been spending a lot of time with Palomar and the gang lately, so I ** really ** appreciate your bringing this topic back to center stage, even if only for a moment. This topic would be a good place for some of the astonishing images from the James Webb, as well as other images that advanced technology is going to be delivering soon.

Re the link you provided ... I'm planning to follow the link when I get to a modern machine. Thanks for finding and posting that.

And while I'm on the line here, thanks for ** all ** the research/discovery you've been doing , both inside and outside the forum archive.

Where you find the energy is a mystery to me, but may your star shine brightly!



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