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#1 2003-06-17 09:15:35

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Re: Future British Missions - Mars & Beyond

Lord Sainsbury hints at missions to planets

*The more the merrier!  smile


We all know those Venusians: Doing their hair in shock waves, smoking electrical coronas, wearing Van Allen belts and resting their tiny elbows on a Geiger counter...

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#2 2003-06-17 15:10:29

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Re: Future British Missions - Mars & Beyond

"Four other Aurora missions are planned over the next 20 years."

The most ambitious mission (sample return) is actually planned for as soon as 2011. The other three missions will serve as precursors for this mission in one way or another.
What comes next if the esa can really pull this off is anybody's guess. Aurora's long-term goal is sending humans to Mars by 2030.

Aurora website


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