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#1 2022-07-18 18:22:39

Scott Beach
Registered: 2017-02-21
Posts: 177

Plasma Reactors and Energy for the Settlement of Mars

The members of the "SAFIRE Project" have build a "plasma reactor" that simulates "the atmosphere of the sun in a laboratory on Earth".  They claim that their plasma reactor can produce about 14 times more energy than is needed to operate the reactor.  If the plasma reactor can be commercialized then the cost of electricity will be greatly reduced.  And then it will be much easier to build permanent human settlements on Mars.

The SAFIRE development team included Montgomery Childs, Michael Clarage, Ph.D, and many others.
Montgomery Childs was the principal scientist and chief engineer of the SAFIRE Project.

For more information, see...
The SAFIRE Project - The SAFIRE Plasma Reactor … ject+2022+

There have been numerous claims for devices that produce "excess energy" by "cold fusion" and other nuclear processes.  I hope that SAFIRE is the real deal.

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