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#1 2022-05-09 11:33:41

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The Culture, Music, Craft and Art Economy of Mars?

The First Artwork Made in Outer Space ... with threads tied to each pencil and a rubber band to hold the pack in place on his wrist. Wedged in the tiny space capsule with fellow crew member Pavel Belyayev, his arms confined in a bulky suit, he sketched the first piece of art created in space: an orbital sunrise...they were Taktika pencils used by Alexei Leonov on board Voskhod 2 the first sculpture specifically designed for a human habitat in orbit was Arthur Woods' Cosmic Dancer which was sent to the Mir station in 1993 on another mission Alexei Leonov showed a sketch of American astronaut Thomas Stafford during the Apollo-Soyuz mission, 

Culture, craft and art on Mars.

3D Printing Musical Instruments on the Mars colony

SpaceNut wrote:

I can see any of the wind instruments being with in the reach of any of the 3D technologies and materials to make them. Its one thing to use and excess lot of materials to make them its another that for materials that are destine to be made into things we need....

exports of a "Made on Mars" comes to mind to sell for more materials and other things that colonists would need and want...


#2 2023-10-30 07:17:16

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Re: The Culture, Music, Craft and Art Economy of Mars?

This topic was sitting without a reply ...  I found it while looking for a place to put a post about matching the interests and capabilities of humans with opportunities for work/jobs/service.  This topic will surely gain posts when folks are actually ON Mars, and they have time between work shifts to experiment with various art forms.

Louis would have had a field day with a topic like this one, because he posted so often in related topics.



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