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#1 2022-05-08 16:10:17

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California Exodus Poverty, Low rain, WildFires, High Crime

One day we might have Planetary Exodus...people quitting Mars for Titan or leaving Titan to go back to the Moon or the Cloud tops of Venus?

California Exodus, term became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, some say Covid or Corona Lockdowns were the final tipping point. … ple-leave/ … ing-point/ … e-pandemic

California may never really be California again and it is not the only Demographic Exodus, at one time it was a Goldrush State endless people moving into the State, at one time million were trying to get out of Europe, at one time it had demand for Labor on the railways, people used to go to Argentina for work, people would immigrate leave Italy for richer parts of Switzerland or the USA. People would arrive from Canada, from Asia, flee War and poverty, then for a while people quit the Rust Belt is a region of the United States that experienced industrial decline starting around during the 70s and recession of the 80s,  Detroit’s  Motor City seen a decline as manufacturing went to Japan and Germany, now we see a rise in poverty, drugs and crime once again and Governor Apologizes For Blaming Gangs For Mass Organized Looting Of Trains In LA ...there is no War in California, its politics that costs California State? That new Exodus seems to be politically inflicted, Texas is one state where people flee, some like Musk blame too much government regulation and endless taxes, all of it causing rental truck price spike in California, new opportunities appear in Arizona, Florida and other States. People are still arriving in California from very very poor countries, Cross-border immigration accounts for much of the population growth in developed countries however what has changed in California is people are giving up on the State and more people are moving out then moving in. Even with the whole legal and illegal human trafficker business the Exodus programs some of them linked to Global religions or Charity CEO focused on receiving illegal immigrants or refugees as they arrive in the United States, from South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East helping them find apartments, they still are bleeding out tax paying people from the State.

Valley Could See Farmworker Exodus, Collapsed Communities as Land is Fallowed … -fallowed/
The Modern Exodus: California Streamin’ … to Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada … nd-nevada/
California’s Population Shrank In 2021 For The Second Year In A Row … -in-a-row/
Some entered the US fraudulently? … amophobes/
California Energy Officials Warn of Possible Blackouts This Summer For Up To 4M … -lights-on

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