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Education - Manufacturing and Related

This new topic is offered as a place for members to post news of educational opportunities in support of Mars Settlement.

We'll lead off with a list of upcoming online webinars published by a Tech Newsletter:

How Chipmakers Can Take Advantage of the Growing Semiconductor Market Demand
from Siemens Industry Software, Inc.
Demand is surging in the semiconductor industry due to increased adoption of the IoT and 5G, and the increasing needs of the automotive sector. To take full advantage of the growing market demand, semiconductor companies need to constantly innovate. But is it possible to do so without sacrificing product integrity or time to market?

Innovations and New Design Tools for Robust Automotive MOSFET Designs
from EBV Elektronik
Attendees will see Nexperia's recently released interactive application notes (IANs) which give you the opportunity to simulate these silicon technologies in your applications.

Metal AM: Business Case vs Conventional Manufacturing
from Desktop Metal, Inc.
In this webinar, you will learn how 3D printing is becoming a viable alternative to casting, forging, machining, and metal injection molding (MIM).

Eliminate Batteries in IoT Devices with Indoor Solar Energy Harvesting and Long-Life Supercapacitors
from PowerFilm, Inc.
Attendees will learn how solar energy harvesting and supercapacitors can provide a range of power options for IoT devices.

How To Ensure the Success of Your Next Manufacturing Project
from Visual Components Oy
Join this session to learn how manufacturing simulation can help you ensure your next project is a success!

Smart Sensing: Considering The Functional Safety Aspect In High Voltage Battery Systems
from Isabellenhutte USA
Developing a battery system according to the ISO 26262 functional safety standard poses a lot of challenges in the automotive industry. This webinar dives into pack current and voltage monitoring, as well as pack isolation monitoring topics under functional safety aspects.

The Power of Partnership
from GGB
In this webinar, you will learn how partnering with the right company early in the design, ensuring the most suitable bearing material selection process is key in achieving the most efficient systems.

Metal 3D Printing for Consumer Electronics
from Desktop Metal, Inc.
Join this webinar to understand how metal additive manufacturing is enabling the mass production of enclosures for watches, smartphones and mobile game devices, as well as drone frames, custom copper heatsinks and more.

From Module to Antenna: Cellular IoT Connectivity Made Easy
from Richardson RFPD
Attendees will learn a step-by-step approach to optimize their designs with the best RF performance.

Optically Isolated Sigma Delta Technology for High Current and Precise Voltage Sensing
from EBV Elektronik
Attendees will hear about new current and voltage sensors and how they help to improve accurate phase current and bus voltage measurement.

While I haven't checked to be ** sure ** it is my impression all the offerings above are free.

Several of the projects underway by forum members will eventually reach a stage where some serious study is likely to be needed to progress.



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