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Kids4Mars, a project of the consortium, strives to be the premier children's and educator's site for Mars information and activities. Our goal is to assist in the education of the public on the merits of human and robotic space exploration with an emphasis on Mars. We feel that as children learn more about the benefits of leaving the cradle of Earth and become a true spacefaring civilization, support for space endeavors and settlement will increase.

We aim to incorporate and develop activities that are aimed at students and adults of various grade/age levels and personal and professional interests. We are emphasizing new ways to use the vast array of existing materials available from NASA, ESA, and other public sources, as well as activities and materials developed and organized by and with our partner organizations. We welcome the participation of teachers, other professionals, and other organizations with an interest in space and science education.

We are currently in need of content developers, designers and a cartoonist. If you want to assist in Mars and Space related education, please contact us via the link in the menu bar on the website.


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