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#1 2005-10-02 04:49:00

From: near Oxford, UK
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Re: FMARS report 30 July (but off-topic)

In this :-
Anthony Kendall reports about audio recording difficulties on an ATV. Next week
I have to do some archaeological photography, probably from within a (Noisy?) Cessna. Can anyone (? Anthony) tell what improvements he has managed on sound recording whilst sitting on his ATV. I need to record camera locations whilst flying, taking GPS locations and photographs! Ouch! I suspect ambient noise levels may be equivalent to being perched in the nose cone of a Saturn laucher?
OK, seriously off-topic, but relevant to scientific recording under diffficult circumstances.


#2 2005-10-02 11:18:58

From: Belgium
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Re: FMARS report 30 July (but off-topic)

WWII throathmikes used on the flying fortresses come to mind immediately...

also, maybe wearing a helmet with mike, like some racers use?

ExoMars' launcher's 2nd stage is probably en route to Mars. Unsterilised... yikes


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