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#1 2002-01-25 18:02:20

Registered: 2002-01-07
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Re: Planetary Society Survey

A survey is currently being hosted by the Planetary Society to voice your opinion on what NASA should do concerning Space Science. What I didn't like about the survey was that they said nothing about human space flight  ??? . ANyway if you wish to fill out the form please go to .


#2 2005-09-06 14:44:10

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Re: Planetary Society Survey


Macte nova virtute, sic itur ad astra


#3 2005-09-08 21:57:32

John Creighton
From: Nova Scotia, Canada
Registered: 2001-09-04
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Re: Planetary Society Survey

I just got a survey in the mail from the Planetary Society, and they asked a question about manned flights to Mars; however, they asked whether I favored international cooperation or not (they do, I don't.)

I'm wondering what the members here think of the Planetary Society, and if you think they are a worthy recipient of my dollars, because they also asked for money (and I got the request just as I was writing a check for New Orleans, talk about timing!)

There probably a good orginization but I don't know as much about them as the mars society. When I am done school I will probably only donate to the mars society for space advocy groupse. However, that doesn't mean I don't think it is worthwile to donate to other groups. Red cross yeah that is a good orginization to donate to.

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#4 2008-01-15 19:00:16

From: Alabama
Registered: 2007-02-02
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Re: Planetary Society Survey

I like that they tried to build a solar sail, but I couldn't care less about space science that doesn't serve human exploration and colonization efforts.


#5 2008-01-17 06:19:46

From: The Fortunate Isles
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Re: Planetary Society Survey

I'd fund a private group... if they said they where going to build a spacecraft (nothing fancy, just a suborbital test bed, moving to an orbital one).

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