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#1 2004-01-26 12:45:21

From: Los Angeles
Registered: 2004-01-26
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Re: Ocean on Mars = Free Shrimp for America - Will Rover find an Ocean?

[color=#000000:post_uid0]I am a 24 year-old science fanatic and the Spirit Rover safely landing on Mars is the biggest space exploration news since we landed on the moon.

Last week, Opportunity Rover landed and will begin its mission to find signs of water on Mars. The presence of water usually denotes the presences of life, and how cool would it be to discover signs of life on Mars?

I personally hope NASA does find conclusive evidence of the presence water for two reasons: one, to finally prove we are not the only life forms in this universe, and two, free jumbo shrimp!

Long John Silver’s is running a promotion where if either the Mars Exploration Rover “Spirit” or “Opportunity” finds conclusive evidence of an ocean on Mars before February 29th, everyone in American eats jumbo shrimp for free. Visit for more details.

Signs of life on another planet and free food! What can beat that?[/color:post_uid0]


#2 2004-01-26 13:52:10

From: London, United Kingdom
Registered: 2001-09-04
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Re: Ocean on Mars = Free Shrimp for America - Will Rover find an Ocean?

[color=#000000:post_uid0]What can beat that? Not having people advertising companies and products on New Mars, that's what. One post is bad enough - four was just bad taste.[/color:post_uid0]

Editor of New Mars


#3 2004-01-26 14:46:21

Registered: 2004-01-11
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Re: Ocean on Mars = Free Shrimp for America - Will Rover find an Ocean?


Macte nova virtute, sic itur ad astra


#4 2004-01-26 15:47:41

Josh Cryer
Registered: 2001-09-29
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Re: Ocean on Mars = Free Shrimp for America - Will Rover find an Ocean?

[color=#000000:post_uid0]You know what's annoying about this? There isn't an ocean on Mars! It's word play! Obviously if it was about finding the presence of water (as the earlier sentences implied), it'd be cool.

Read the rules, it's really quite laughable!

At least Taco Bell puts up reaonsablly hittable targets. Okay, so maybe the Mir Target wasn't that reasonable, but that Yankee's target (I think it was the Yankee's) for a home run was![/color:post_uid0]

Some useful links while MER are active. Offical site NASA TV JPL MER2004 Text feed
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