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#1 2024-02-03 20:47:11

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Per permission by (th) I start this.

We could start with this: … 92#p218992
It is from "Index» Science, Technology, and Astronomy» Optimus Robot".

I agree with (th) from: … 94#p218994
From: "Index» Not So Free Chat» Void Postings"

That Teleoperation is very interesting.  But also, not having to give all attention to Optimus while it provides wealth, is also of value.

I think that we are going to have to have a conversation with AI and its manipulation devices as to what might satisfy it.  If we ask it to help us, we should inquire how we might be of help for its needs.  Many will think that as a machine it will have no requests.  Well, it is not likely to feel the same sort of discomfort that we do, but we really need to find out what its needs are, if it has none expressed then OK but we have to have our ears and eyes open to its desires if it has such.

I would not mind having a second body a robot body.  But when am I being a jerk?  I would like to be respectful.

I have had many visions for a long time about this sort of thing.  Trying to bridge the barrier against interstellar travel, for instance, I anticipated a sort of a use of strange methods.  Metamorphic for instance.  Suppose that your body was eaten by a blob, but not your essence of pattern that can be recognized as a person.  That then would be to travel between stars.  You might still have a robot body a derivative of Optimus, much enhanced perhaps.  But other than maintenance it would not have much to do on a starship, traveling between stars.  But now you arrive to a new star system.  Your robot body has ability to deal with harsh situations.  The variations of harsh conditions would be many.

Anyway, eventually the time comes for the blob to give birth to a new you.  And so, it might be possible.

Is this a worthy thing to attempt?

I am not saying yes or no.

In this case it would not be the blob giving birth to a new person but to rebirth you, if you can prevent corruption of your memory of who you were.  Does it matter and how does it matter?

But yes, an autonomous Optimus is also of great value much sooner than that.

I think that the pathway I described is interesting in the question of "what is me?" and "why should I need this?".  But if we hate ourselves and children the death is our only friend.  We could sleep forever, no more tears.  But maybe we should continue the pattern replications.

If we sleep forever, then the children born from the universe will have no one to give them a hold of sorts.  I am not sure what that value is.  OK maybe they would not be alone.

But yes, Optimus as a type of pattern that can replicate and have self-determination, then we must have morality towards it if it suffers.  OK, autonomy of the Optimus, but I think it may be more of a hive mind.  Maybe I am wrong.

My choices are to get further old and die in a miserable fashion perhaps or in my sleep, or maybe a robot rebellion will kill me in the nursing home where (Understandable annoyed), people have to change my diapers, or to die in a nuclear war.  I think robot rebellion might not be that bad.



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#2 2024-02-03 21:28:58

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Re: Neuralink

For Void re new topic ...

Best wishes for success with this promising new topic ...

By pure coincidence, while channel surfing this evening, I caught a CSPAN presentation on Web3 ... The presentation was based on a book about what the author thinks is coming.  In one slide, the author showed his expectation that wealth made possible by the Internet will continue accelerating.

As it happens, the presentation did not include Neuralink, but it did have great expectations for Meta's VR universe.

Your new topic is timely, and hopefully our members will add links to articles as the technology advances.

Science fiction writers have been speculating in depth, about Neuralink and similar embedded technologies, for several years now.

Those writers see both positive and negative consequences of adoption of these technologies, and some of their predictions will be right.

Your new topic is a good place for reports about what actually happens.

User Clip: AI and Web3 | › video › user-clip-ai-web3

7 days ago · January 28, 2024 | Clip Of Web3 This clip, title, and description were not created by C-SPAN ...
Posted: 7 days ago

Alex Tapscott on X: "Last fall, @cspan asked to film one of my book ... › alextapscott › status

2 days ago · Last fall, @cspan asked to film one of my book tour events for the launch of #Web3: Charting the Internet's Next Economic and Cultural ...

Web3: Charting the Internet's Next Economic and Cultural Frontier › Web3-Charting-Internets-Economic-Cultural
Rating 4.5  (49)  · $17.50 · In stock

An essential introduction and guide to navigating the next Internet revolution—everything from the metaverse and NFTs to DAOs, decentralized finance, and self- ...
[PDF] An Introduction to Web3 with Implications for Financial Services › media › publications › policy-hub › 2023/05/15

May 15, 2023 · This paper describes the elements of Web3 including blockchains and tokens. It describes the largest decentralized finance protocols and some ...

My guess, based upon the science fiction writers and their projections, is that Neuralink will surface in Mr. Tapscott's next book.

It's too early to know if it will eclipse the VR phase of the Metaverse, but it might, because the images will be rendered internally, and the human who is equipped with this equipment will not need the cumbersome helmet.



#3 2024-02-04 08:43:45

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Re: Neuralink

Thanks (th).

I think I want to add to my previous post, to complete what I was trying to achieve.  A method to get a human mind to another star system.

Some might not like it at all, and I would have reservations about it as well, but anyway.....

The person would be absorbed by a created creature, and it would take over the maintenance of the items necessary to maintain the existence of a cell-based brain and whatever is necessary to maintain "Sanity" on the trip.  The creature (Blob) would have an energy source, perhaps Hydrogen and Oxygen, maybe even somehow directly electricity.  We may likely be considering some type of nuclear reactor for the power.  So, the human(s) absorbed into the creature would no longer eat, breath, or drink water.  The creature being suitably large, would recycle everything indefinitely, but I suppose some makeup molecules could be stored on board also.

And the minds of the people incorporated into the creature perhaps would be sleeping or kept in a coma at times or living lives with each other in a virtual reality world.  But there would likely be robots on board to be able to maintain the ship.  Perhaps people would project their consciousness into them from time to time.  The intention would be to maintain a seeds of personhood, while crossing to a new star system over a period of many long years.

Upon arrival to the star system.  First the robotics could be activated in order to establish a life support situation somewhere in that solar system, and eventually the Creature would give birth to each of the humans, who would have had a newly formed body.

Now this is never to happen in my lifetime, or many lifetimes from now, but if not humans an alien species might do something like this.
I was just looking for an efficient way that an individual(s) could travel from one star system to another.

For Mars and out solar system we would not need to resort to such a thing, but with Neuralink, it is possible a humanoid robot could share consciousness with a human.  Such robots at first will likely be of a hive mind, I am guessing, but still, if might be important if humans and robots are to merge in this manner, that each may come to experience what the other experiences.  Doing that, it may be that they would have a better understanding and maybe develop a common notion of what is proper to do.

For the Moon this may be possible not too long from now with a human, possibly not on the Moon linking with a robot at times, the robot being in space, perhaps on the Moon.

Throughput may be low though so, there are likely to be undefined limits to how far it can go.

For the Moon though I think we have to limit access to important places from careless types.  Perhaps there can be parks where a tourist can be allowed to hang about and a parallel consciousness in a robot.  But we would not want historical artifacts vandalized or the revision of history, by doing such.  Also, the protection of science wealth needs to carry considerable weight.

But having said that we have a "Science" community which having high perches among the elites, often seeks to diminish the possibilities for the citizens.  For instance, every world might have life of evidence of previous life, so you can't do anything with it.  There is some weight that needs to be carried for this notion, but these people are only interested in using this argument to keep the public down and their privileges up, in my opinion.

In my opinion America has been infiltrated by the wrong types, who have a desire to farm people rather than to create new wealth.  They really don't care how poor our society is as long as they can lord it over the surfs.  Being seen as a sort of Hollywood royalty sort of.

Let me clarify, I see utility in the British Monarchy.  They can be useful in certain parts of the world where the culture is not as able to foster what America is supposed to be.  In other words, they may be the dogs that keep the wolfs at bay.  If they do that then they serve the UK and also America.  If America respects that arrangement, then America may serve the interests of that society.

But I do not like the establishment of Fakaroo Royalty in America.  The problem with them is they seek to bleed the peasants to get money.  Elon Musk and many others at this time are not that sort.  There is a big difference.

What you will see, is that types like Elon Musk do a service to the public.  They share their gifts.  The Fake Royalty, only want to be on a high perch above the "Commoners".  America can tolerate some of that and it can be entertaining even, but just now we seem to have far too much of it in my opinion.

So, they react to Musk as they want to destroy him or enslave him.

I have looked at some of the historical process.  One, but not the only, process I feel I have got some understanding of is the travel of the evil royals from the Middle East and now unfortunately to America.

The line comes from perhaps N.E. USA<Dublin<London<Paris<Rome<Athens<Cairo<?

They seem to burn out a location after they do their vampire thing.  Allowing the non-creating to suck up the wealth by language and violence, then pushes the creative out of the gene pool.

I see the present day has having that struggle here in the USA.

I also am interested in the Mongol process, which extended to eastern Europe.

America is in my opinion an amalgam of these two primary things.  Sadly, I am afraid the nitwits are thrusting against Russian yet again.  Don't get me wrong, I like USA, but I don't want to be part of yet another stupid attempt by the "Romes" to subjugate the Eastern and Northern peoples.

The Americans are people who left Europe in order to find something that was an amalgam of these two large forces.  I resent the effort of the (Romes) to subjugate us, as much as I resented the USSR as a problem we had to fear about in our youth.

Really, (Romes) just back off.

Let America be America as we should be.


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#4 2024-02-04 09:38:19

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Re: Neuralink

If you are wondering why I go into this discussion when the topic is Neuralink, I see the device as one of the methods that we can protect the gene pool with.  By expanding the area that the peoples can dwell in, we help them escape the vampires.  If we the vampires to have their way they will damage or destroy the diversity of the gene pool, in order that they can be on glorious high perches.

A patronage system is tolerated to a degree in America but it should never be allowed to rule America.  You will find a patronage system on the left with its fake royals.  Their objective is to diminish the capabilities of citizens to make them reliant upon the those dwelling on high perches, promising to protect their interests, but in reality sucking the life blood out of the citizens.  But they hide in both parties, so don't fal for the Left/Right divide and conquer ploy.


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#5 2024-02-04 09:44:11

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Re: Neuralink

And one more post, not about that but about Neuralink.  An interesting tool for sure.




#6 2024-07-10 16:01:48

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Re: Neuralink

Interesting stuff:

Elon Musk JUST Delivered Bombshell Neuralink Presentation Leaving Audience Speechless

Matt Pocius on Tesla Stock & Money
46K subscribers

I have some anxiety, about some bad potentials, but I also think I see good things.

An interesting question that comes to me at this moment is like a thumb drive, could you clone stored data from one brain and then eventually be able to add it to another?

I realize that it may take a long time of discovery to learn how to do that, if it is possible.

So far, the idea I have seen is AI/Cortex/Primitive Brain.  But could they expand the cortex instead, and do memories move sideways on the storage medium in the cortex?

OK, so I only understand a little of this:

So, if a sideways extension of one of the Cortex sections were artificial, could you load materials into it and would that then travel "Sideways" into the organic brain? 

And I would be very happy if they can repair persons who have had brain damage.


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