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#26 2024-04-12 12:59:07

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Re: Orbiting Debri and the Unspoken Reluctance

ISS space trash may have hit a house in Florida? … n-florida/

a thread with focus on LEO trash

'LEO Space Debris'

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#27 2024-04-13 13:08:52

GW Johnson
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Re: Orbiting Debri and the Unspoken Reluctance

The US Skylab space station made an uncontrolled re-entry that hit western Australia about a year after Cosmos 954 came down in Canada's outback.  The Russians publicly claimed Cosmos 954 was designed to burn up on entry,  but the fact was that this was a nuclear reactor -powered spy satellite,  and fission reactors are deliberately designed to withstand high heating exposures.  Most of it survived entry,  and crashed as a debris field in a Canadian lake.

Skylab weighed something like 85 or 90 tons at entry,  and its basic structure was a Saturn S-IVB stage:  mostly thin sheet metal,  not designed to resist heating at all.  The Australians picked up something like 70 tons of Skylab debris!  What does THAT tell you about the all-too-common lies that space craft "mostly burn up"?  I smell an awful lot of "cover-your-ass" going on with those lies.

It's been going on for decades,  too.  The original Atlas launch vehicle was a very thin-wall stainless steel sheet metal balloon that required internal pressurization in order not to collapse of its own weight.   That fragile shell "protects" internal pipes and plumbing that connect the tanks to the engines,  when the booster stage re-enters and supposedly completely burns up.  A piece of John Glenn's Atlas booster piping washed up on an African beach after his 1962 Mercury flight.  It was identified by serial number stamped on it.  That was over 6 decades ago!  That's how long those CYA lies have been told.


GW Johnson
McGregor,  Texas

"There is nothing as expensive as a dead crew,  especially one dead from a bad management decision"


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