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#1 2003-11-06 13:31:38

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Re: Recruiting grass roots support


I recently got up to date on some of the political activities going on regarding Mars exploration and the direction of NASA.  I’m referring specifically to the testimony of Zubrin and Huntress before the Senate Commerce Committee, Zubrin’s “mobilization” of the Mars Society and the bill proposed by Nick Lampson from Texas.

There may very well be other things going on that I haven’t heard of but those two stand out.  I tried to post a story on Slashdot touching upon all these topics but it got rejected.  I think it was because I submitted it under the wrong category but I’m not sure.  In any case, I thought that Slashdot would be a good place to find people who would join in a letter writing campaign on the direction of NASA.

Here’s the article that I posted (sorry about all the raw html).  If anyone can think of a better way to word it please do so and try to submit it.  Or if you can think of some other outlet to a potential pro-Mars exploration audiance, post it here.  It seems to me that now is the time to act and the more help the better.

<a href="">Robert Zubrin</a>, president of <a href="">Pioneer Astronautics</a> and founder of the <a href="">Mars Society</a> has called for the <a href="">mobilization</a> of Mars exploration proponents to write their representatives on the future of post-Columbia NASA.  From his announcement: ‘This debate will play out over the next six months, and the result could determine the future of the American space program in our generation. Now is the time when anyone who cherishes hopes for a spacefaring future for humanity must step forward and speak up.’  This is happening alongside the <a href="">recent</a> <a href="">testimony</a> Zubrin gave to the full Senate Commerce Committee on Oct 29th (<a href="">audio</a> <a href="">files</a> <a href="">here</a> and the <a href="">.pdf</a>) and the proposed <a href="">Bill</a> from Congressman <a href="">Nick Lampson</a> TX to restore Mars as a goal and put NASA on a schedule. <a href="">Here</a> <a href="">are</a> <a href="">a</a> <a href="">few</a> <a href="">sample</a> <a href="">letters</a> if you want to write your <a href="">congressman</a>.[/color:post_uid0]


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