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#76 2023-03-07 20:35:49

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Re: Rogue super-Earths/mini-Neptunes...

You stimulated me to offer rogue shells world: UPOpP3R.png

At the bottom of the pink Helium atmosphere should be a shell.  Let's call it pink shell.

At the bottom of the green N2 + He mis should be a shell.  Let's call it green shell.

Pink Shell should have lots of Balloons/void bubbles filled with helium so that if the shell cracks the pieces may still tend to float on the N2 + He mix.

Similarly, the Green shell may have lots of Balloons/void bubbles filled with helium, so that if it cracks it will still tend to float on the N2 + O2 Mix.

Brown is the rogue itself.  Domes may be in place as needed/desired.

The pink atmosphere of Helium will allow the influx of Hydrogen and its isotopes, and Helium and its isotopes.

The Deuterium and Helium3 Collected for energy. The Hydrogen to be disposed of.  If the Rogue has lots of CO2 then you can make hydrocarbons and plastics.

Or else you set off a flash bomb far enough away from the rogue as to disturb the atmosphere enough to make it shed Hydrogen.
If there is too much Helium, then shedding that may be desired as well.

The pink shell at the base of the pink Helium atmosphere should be a heck of a radiator, and yet offer some protection from smaller impactors.

The underside of the pink shell has to be kept warm enough that N2 will not condense on it.  So, the pink shell needs to include some insulation and a source of heat.  So, the pink shell might be a good place for at least some of the fusion reactors.

The Green N2 + He atmosphere will have some insulating powers and so the base of the green atmosphere may be rather warmer than the top of the green atmosphere.  Much like Earth.  But of course, a heat source is needed below, perhaps also fusion reactors.

The Green Atmosphere might have strong greenhouse gasses in it.

1) The Green shell should be thermally above the freezing point of water, perhaps???  To avoid condensation of water as ice.  That might be a way. 

2) Or else if ice does condense on it as it is cold then you need a defrost method???

In case #1, the blue N2 + O2 is above freezing.

In case #2, the surface of the rogue is kept rather cold so that sublimation does not occur.  That is very cold.  I that case you have warm domes and underground vaults, and Lighting in them and also lighting in the seas covered with ice.

I have considered something a bit similar for Venus, but that would be harder, I think.

I hope you allow this suggestion and consider it.


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