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#26 2023-01-08 20:37:06

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Re: Pond Life to be Created on Mars by Humans - NO ICE

For SpaceNut re #25

Thank you for providing the salinity of sea water on Earth.  I'm sure that figure varies depending upon where a sample is taken, but that figure seems helpful for planning ahead to meet the needs of plants acclimatized to life in the ocean.

SearchTerm:salinity of Earth's oceans see Post #25

SearchTerm:Salt saltiness salinity of Earth's oceans

Also for SpaceNut .... It seems natural to give up before even starting.  Line one of post #25 seems to suggest that there is no point in trying to achieve an equivalent salinity and water temperature on Mars, so let's just give up before we start.

A successful implementation of this topic will achieve a near exact duplication of the sea water environment enjoyed by sea grass on Earth.

Instead of giving up before starting, the expedition/equipment designers will simply size the auxilliary heating equipment to meet the needs of the pond.

In reading your posts in the geothermal topic, I noticed your mention of heat collecting pipes along the sun facing side of the house in winter.

It seems to me that something like that would work to help to keep the pond water temperature within the desired range of 0 degrees Celsius to 10 Degrees Celsius.  The water could be pumped through black pipes arranged to soak up solar energy during the day, and on to underground storage tankage from which it would be pulled at night.  In this scenario, the water could be drained from the pipes at night, to avoid their facilitating heat loss.



#27 2023-01-08 21:16:59

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Re: Pond Life to be Created on Mars by Humans - NO ICE

They are contained in a box with glaze (glass) covered with insulated back for air.

Thermal drain back is to keep water from night freezing temperatures. … larDHW.htm … irLine.htm … inBack.htm … HWKits.htm

Testing on conduction from the bottom layer is the question since that means we need to reduce that conduction as direct contact with the ground wicks energy in the water away is the but as these are values based on materials being used.


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