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#1 2022-12-02 06:43:46

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Wormholes - Simulation now, Reality later

For SpaceNut ... we had two topics containing the word "worm"

Both were about biological creatures...

This topic is about a concept that arose from the gravitational theories of Albert Einstein, as developed by Nathan Rosen. … 52633.html

The article at the link above describes research with quantum computers, to crease a software model of two black holes.

Apparently (as I understand the article) researchers have simulated sending information between to (simulated) black holes...

I am glad the human population includes individuals who can think at this level, and organizations capable of supporting them.

"It looks like a duck, it walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck. So that's what we can say at this point - that we have something that in terms of the properties we look at, it looks like a wormhole," Lykken said.

The researchers said no rupture of space and time was created in physical space in the experiment, though a traversable wormhole appeared to have emerged based on quantum information teleported using quantum codes on the quantum processor.

"These ideas have been around for a long time and they're very powerful ideas," Lykken said.

"But in the end, we're in experimental science, and we've been struggling now for a very long time to find a way to explore these ideas in the laboratory. And that's what's really exciting about this. It's not just, 'Well, wormholes are cool.' This is a way to actually look at these very fundamental problems of our universe in a laboratory setting."

(Reporting by Will Dunham



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