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Abandon Mars. Nomad Life for family at Quarry & move Robot miners

Even though historically the world seen transformation in a huge age of discovery, exploration and colonization ships could cross oceans during the 15th and 16th century, many of the early settlements and forts and towns of North America would fail, early towns abandoned. On Mars there are no humanoid Native who already live there but there will be other more difficult hardships, it is possible some life might be discovered which will open new questions and new scientific curiosity but living on Mars could be hard if Mars opens up travel routes and opens up to a 'Gold Rush'. How human family will Quarry in such a strange world and perhaps Machines could be the support they will constantly be updated and on the move with people over generations, Cyborgs / AI Robots will Mine while going from town to town? Previously abandoned towns might then become museum of past human and machine exploits.

Mining and Colonies have been talked about many times on these forums. Of course in our older forum post threads we had a debate about manned vs unmanned, if humans or the enhanced humanoid robots should be living in a place long term and doing the miner work and how we will achieve Steel produce, Chemical and Iron Productions? Some have even debated if Mining a Comet or Asteroid mining is even possible. Sometimes on Earth a mine community will pop up, thrive for a while and then something runs out or a cheaper more easily accessible resource is found in another state. The people on Mars might become Nomadic other times back on Earth a natural event might happen a Large Quake or a Land Slide might make the entire people of a town suddenly want to get up and leave, sometimes lack of regulation will see toxins in soil, poisons in water and other pollutants basically make a place almost uninhabitable or intolerable for those seeking a better life, sometimes people move and quit due to economics. underground fire in Centralia has burned since 1962. The intense heat ruptured the earth and leaked dangerous smoke and gases into the community. In the USA the  coal-mining town of Centralia, once had thousands of people, a rich deposit of anthracite coal was discovered but then in the early 1960s a fire broke out  still burns beneath the town today. Tens of thousands of people abandoned gold mining or gold rush towns. Sometimes a quarry might start ceasing operations simply because its job is done, it already supplied enough material for battleships during a previous war effort, there might also be war and fighting, sometimes in the USA mining was delayed due to attacks by the Native Americans or in parts of Latin America, the Middle East or Africa a unrest or a Civil War might break out. Bodie is arguably one of California’s most famous ghost towns, built on get rich quick jobs finding gold and silver, long abandoned but Bodie in its own way still makes some money with tourist trips when a State Historic Park was formed. In German culture the Bergstadt refers to a settlement near mineral deposits vested with its own town privileges, Bergregal rights and tax exemption, a privilege given in order to promote the economic development of the mining region. Ashiodozan Mining Town in the Japanese mountains was recorded in Japanese history as a site of extreme environmental damage- so much so the town was mostly abandoned 40 years, Matsuo a Ghost Town mine in the north of Japan closed in the 60s but one time it was the biggest mine for sulfur in the Eastern world. Over 4,000 worked there and a wider population of 15,000. In Australia, Arltunga was the first town to be erected in Central Australia and is located 110km eat of Alice Springs, people would often abandon homes or relics of the 3,000 people that once lived there remain and have been preserved by blistering heat and dry Australia climates, South Australia's township Cook  another Ghost City, Gwalia in Western Australia another town left behind by time. Sometimes a Mine might close down after a newer road or railway is built or another Tunnel gives faster and cheaper access to another mountain or valley. The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Zone of Alienation is an officially designated exclusion zone around the site of the USSR Russia Ukraine made Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster, today soldiers are fighting battles near the site today. Geographically, before the Ruissian invasion of Ukraine the original disaster zone included the northernmost districts of the Kyiv and Zhytomyr oblast regions of Ukraine

Abandoned place can become tourist spots, it is reported the Bodie town once held 65 saloons, numerous brothels and “houses of ill repute,” gambling halls and opium dens for its colorful crowd of gunfighters, robbers, prostitutes and miners from countries around the world. A website dedicated to the town.

Bodie, California is a town frozen in time, and preserved by California State Parks in a state of “arrested decay.” Bodie became a State Historic Park in 1962, and maintains the buildings just as they were found when the State took over the town – but they do not restore the buildings, instead choosing to simply preserve the buildings in their aged and weathered 1880s appearance.

I thought I might take quotes from older debates and put it into a new thread where both humans and A.I robot will be able to work in mine.

On Earth a mining community or a miner camp, is a community that houses working miners. These Mining communities are usually created around a resource mine or a quarry of valued item.

louis wrote:

Apart from some possible requirement for human driving in an exploration setting (not certain but possible) we can be assured driverless vehicles will have no problem dealing with cleared road trails on Mars. This will be very helpful when it comes to bringing in raw materials such as ores from mining operations at a great distance from the industral processing centres. A steady stream of driverless rover trucks will bring in the material, possibly in convoy. Will be a great sight watching a convoy travelling through the night.

SpaceNut wrote:

Reviving the tool (the Boring Machine) to make mars habitat possible. as some are questioning building  3d buildings.

Cuttting through rock

kbd512 wrote:

Back in the real world we use cutting tools to excavate rock, not lasers or fresnel lenses.  If you could supply 100kWe of solar power, then you would use it to power a cutting tool with hardened teeth / picks that's attached to a large excavator arm.  In all real world rock quarrying jobs, a bucket or shovel is used to remove the overburden and some kind of cutting tool is used to excavate the rock beneath it.

If we want to cut something thin like a piece of sheet metal, then we use an industrial laser cutting head in a comparatively clean environment.  If we're cutting something thicker like a plate, then we'll use a water jet (cleaner but slower cuts; can cut almost any material from metals to plastics) or plasma cutter (lower cost, lower quality but faster cuts and used primarily for metals like steel).

If we want high quality welds, then we use electron beams or lasers.  The electron beams require vacuum, but they can weld somewhat arbitrary thickness work pieces with minimal heat affected zones, whereas the lasers do not but are best used for welding thinner sheet metal because the melt pool reflects the laser back at the laser head.  Both can technically cut metal, but in practice only lasers or plasma or water jet are used for this purpose.  Very thick and complex work pieces like the labyrinth passages within a heat exchanger circuit require diffusion bonding of the side plates.  For industrial applications, MIG or TIG or arc welding are most common because of total cost and complexity.

Total cost, power consumption, total complexity, and suitability to task are all taken into account in the methods that we use here on Earth, and all of them can be applied to Mars where similar construction or fabrication tasks must be completed.  The rule book for construction and fabrication work doesn't get thrown out the window just because you're trying to construct something on another planet.

Mars presents challenges for power sources and heat dissipation.  There's no Oxygen-rich atmosphere to use liquid hydrocarbon fuels and the atmosphere is as thin at Mars sea level as it is on Earth at about 130,000 feet.  That means your construction machine's power source is a battery or a fuel cell or an electric cable connecting it to a solar array or nuclear reactor.  Most construction machines consume quite a bit of constant power to operate.

Family and Analogues

Antius wrote:

This family built a cob house under a glass dome in Northern Norway, well inside the arctic circle.  They are able to grow tropical fruits and vegetables for much of the year. 

The dark surfaces absorb heat during the day and moderate the temperature drop at night. … esic-dome/

If thousands upon thousands are sent to Mars or go to Mars willingly to find fortune then it is possible some of these settlements will also be abandoned for whatever reasons. On Earth the boomtown is a community that undergoes sudden and rapid population and economic growth, or that is started from scratch, all of a sudden a 'Boomtown' or political Banana republic economy might suddenly go full recession and become a Ghost Town.

Ghost Towns of Mars might become stepping stones for other Mars towns, some of the old Martian town preserved and a story left behind to learn from Mars history and some of their old parts recycled. Maybe in the end nothing is wasted the town becomes a tourism museum story and spare parts recycled for other Biodomes and reused in other more updated Biosphere farms.

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