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#1 2022-08-27 17:08:40

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Modifying rhythms of plant animals 343 Day Winter 343 Day Summer

Could you already engineer a garden to be ready for the Mars cycle, we already discussed hibernation and surviving winter of pollinators and what of surviving the dry summer. The Crocodile can live to be 80 years old another animal around since before the Dinosaur extinctions, hardy and a fascinating predator, the crocodile farm or alligator farm would be a Mars establishment for breeding and raising of crocodilians in order to produce crocodile and alligator meat, or usable leather, perhaps the bones would even be used as impliments or musicial instruments, every part of the creature used, there might be the option of cloning an animal or having a non-living animal with only certain body parts grown from an original copy.

It seems before we truly Terraform  the Plant and Animal would need to be prepared for a different life cycle, an alien world but natural, internal process that regulates the North American Cicada, Magicicada or Cicadas spend most of their lives as underground nymphs, emerge in long  intervals. Could you engineer an already unusual hardy creature or plant to live through a longer winter and be more hardy for Mars, or survive a more dry summer inside a Biosphere. The Aussie Roo is sometimes used as meat, it is exported to over 60 overseas markets, the female kangaroo is ready for a long dry season, the female possesses three vaginas and two uteri,  a pink blind hairless joey is born but stays in the pouch and develops for around six months and if the mother becomes pregnant again while the first joey is still aboard, she is able to freeze that embryo in a form of suspended animation until conditions for birth are ideal. Welwitschia grows in the arid, inhospitable deserts, long leaves collect dew, which is channeled along grooves and into the ground the Dragon’s blood tree is found in Yemen and located in the Arabian sea off the Horn of Africa has waxy leaves and any water runs down it drips to the ground at the base of the tree, its thick shadow cast by the canopy prevents the valuable liquid from evaporating and it can survive long periods without water, Living stone plants also known as pebble plants are found in the deserts of southern Africa, two succulent leaves which are plump with water – what will be a Mars commodity, these plant grow on the ground within reach of thirsty animals, yet plants avoid being eaten due to the color and appearance of their leaves, which resemble rocks, Tropical pitcher plants are type of weird plant that catches its prey and then consumes it, insects drown in nectar where the plant digests them, Cucamelonse a strange type of fruit or ‘Mexican sour gherkin,’ could be another plant to consider, unusual colored cauliflowers could be considered to add personality to a Mars garden and out of world experience, any type of Polar plant in the North Pole region or plant life similar to species of the South Pole Antarctica could be considered. When Mars does have waters inside its Biodomes and Biospheres the Eel is a creature to consider, it lives in shallow waters of the ocean and burrow into sand, mud, or amongst rocks.  The Eel has an unusual life cycle the Freshwater eels unagi and marine eels anago, conger eel are commonly used in Japanese cuisine, Swedish, Italian, Spanish and Maori also eat them. The paradoxical frogs shrink but aren’t entirely unique in this shrinking business, French use frogs as meat, the clownfish are hermaphrodites and will become male in the juvenile stage, the clownfish school is run by a dominant female, Clownfish are colored but are not poisonous and can’t harm humans. Mars unlike the Moon has a day and night cycle, a solar day lasts 24 hours, 39 minutes, and 35 seconds very close to Earth.

There is also a topic on Cave creatures and imported life inside tunnels and tubes, the Troglobite & Troglophiles perhaps these creatures can be enhanced and will also be very important to a Biodome linked to an artificial Mars Cave eco-system, many new species of reptiles and bats, fungi mushroom, scientists have also found the new largest and heaviest subterranean fish.

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