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#1 2022-08-01 12:38:31

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Spiders from Mars Suits and new Construction tech for Clothes, Homes.

This could go in one of those nano-tech biology threads

Cellulose-Based Biomaterial Is Stronger than Steel and Spider Silk … pider-silk

Researchers are constantly trying to develop new biomaterials that have the same or even better properties than comparable synthetics.

“Our new material even has potential for biomedicine since cellulose is not rejected by your body,” added Söderberg, a researcher at KTH said in a press release.


In strength tests, the material showed a tensile stiffness of 86 gigapascals (GPa) and a tensile strength of 1.57 GPa, Söderberg said. This means the fibers are eight times stiffer and show strength higher than natural dragline spider-silk fibers. “If you are looking for a bio-based material, there is nothing quite like it,” he indicated. “It is also stronger than steel and any other metal or alloy as well as glass fibers and most other synthetic materials."

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