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#1 2021-08-21 18:49:20

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Greece Builds 25-mile Fence to Fend Off Afghan Refugees


#2 2021-08-21 19:10:54

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Re: Greece Builds 25-mile Fence to Fend Off Afghan Refugees

For SpaceNut re #1

My comment here is more about Greece than it is about the wall, or refugees ....

From Greece, with it's magnificent history, I would expect a decent looking wall.

The image you sent does not disappoint.

We (humans) need to do a better job of taking care of each other.



#3 2021-08-22 16:52:34

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Re: Greece Builds 25-mile Fence to Fend Off Afghan Refugees

Print the toons and build the wall.

Did the world one time talk in a similar ancient language and culture, did the world one time have many ancient Atlantis type civilisations that were lost to flooding, maybe in the past there were people eaten by a fire mountian a volcanic pyroclastic flow, a sudden sea rise or tsunami, maybe a bad winter and a plague or cultures lost in the sands of time. Did we talk to each other one tiem before a modern United states of America a modern Communist China, before 'Dark Ages' did ages of study and trade and refugees and wars exist. I like Greeks, I guess it wasn't just America or France or Rome or the British thinkers it was guys like Plato gave us 'the West', Thales, who is often considered the first Western philosopher, it leasds to the minds that examine nature and science, the Stoics and Skeptics, ancient Greek philosophy, Socrates and Aristotle opened the doors to a particular way of thinking that provided the roots for the Western intellectual tradition.

The Greek and their border? Good for them. Let them build a wall
I sometimes think we operate on the wrong mind, we want chess but someone else is playing a very slow card game, its about operating on t he wrong spiritual dimensional plane, the wrong timeline, some guys fight a very long war over months, years and generations. Think of an old Sorcery and Dwarf and Wizards and Fanatsy book or every weird movie or cartoon or video game you have seen, also think of a Scifi, Suspendened Animation and Timetravel, the Scifi epic saga...the mindset needs to change if the mindset is not working and accomplishing its goal of defeating the terror and winning the peace.
Think for a second of this mahammed as some kind of pirate zombie...he's dead but he's not dead, they have confronted it the wrong way...imagine for a second this demonic god from Arabia this Al - Lah thing is an 'Alien' it has some kind of ritual psycho super power that crosses minds and dimension, a magic spell on paper of sort and it hijacks other minds
Then maybe you need to draw and print more cartoons to defeat that entity, make a mockery of it and break its spell.

Going to wipe Osama bin Laden off the face of the Earth was the right thing to do, the problem was he was in Pakistan all that time and not in Afghanistan, Pakistan a US 'ally'. Something was also covered up, the Saudis were heavily involved another 'ally' and the US had 28 pages censored from the 911 report. I think as stupid as Bush Jnr was if he kept going he could have got bin Laden, however he got distracted, he lost patience, a second front and a fake war for WMDs was launched in Iraq and whatever International Will and Credibility the USA had behind it almost got totally lost over time.
I think the US should have dropped mohammed cartoons on the muslims not bombs, the toons might have helped open their minds.
The USA should also police its borders better so a large scale terror attack never ever happens again....

...however there will be real refugees in need

Right now there are not just foreign refugees but real Americans trapped in enemy, chaos and hostile land.

Some refugees may be genuine, but if they were all genuine then how did the Afghan Army surrender so quickly to the Taliban, why did so many Americans get shot in the back over the years???
Greek, it is Europe and its language and ancient culture Greek and Western thought, the Greek dominated by the modern Greek politic, its ancient culture, the Greek Orthodox Church, which is within the larger communion of the Eastern Orthodox,  there is a Sikh community in Greece thousands and thousands of them from the days of the British Empire, the Greeks dont give them special support and sometimes their strict codes clash with the Greek culture, Greek nationalists don't seem to support Sikhs, there is a Jewish community in Greece currently amounts to roughly some tens of thousands of people, concentrated mainly in Athens, Thessaloniki, it also has Thousands upon Thousands upon Thousands of Moslems, every where on this planet moslems go they tend to bring their jihadist islamist problems with them, the crap called Islam is already at 2% in Greece. The other faith immigrant workers from Sri Lanka and India can have very expensive funerals, Greeks do not burn their bodies so migrant workers who had illness and died working in Greece were usually sent back to their home country to be cremated, due to cremation being banned.  Greece has kind of existed under political turmoil and martial law post WW2, today it is a democracy, it has suffered under recession and recently in April 2017 the Hellenic ethnic pagan religion was officially and finally recognized by their own Greek state. This place Aghanistan is not Western and if you read the Quran or Koran a book which has been translated into many languages, the prophet of islam muhammad instructs his people when you can not defeat the enemy by direct violence and war, he instructs to invade by way of immigration, the hegira or 'hijra' is what it is called an islamic migration to occupy non-moslem lands, they sometimes blow things up and massacre people if they see bacon or alcohol, the riot and chop each other's heads off when a rumor goes around about someone dropping the Quran or they kill someone who draws a funny cartoon. Sometimes muslims get on the inside through the trojan horse of immigration, ok people and also very bad people infiltrate and get on the inside, sometimes a bad migrant inside the walls.

A long time back I came to understand the cultural links across Europe and Asia when I read days of the week in many langauges. I came to see and understand the link and diplomatic relations and expansion along Greece, Turkey, Rome, Afghanistan and China, Europe and Asia, the silk road when I seen how far the days of the week spread, every place almost has the same days and same gods of the week. Each person will come from their own culture, their own blood and history, their own mix of mothers and fathers and cousins, they will in a ways have their own cultural perspective and maybe have their own Monsters and Bogeyman, their own legendary David vs Goliath story but a lot of the world seemed to share some kind of Proto-Language at a time when the world was very much developed, trade, farming, currency, pottery, the same gods and stars, the same Proto-culture and spoken and written tongues. I do not know enough about the language and culture and families of Mesoamerica, the Native American culture, the Alaskan Siberian, Evenks, Chukchi, Inuit, Lap and Eskimo, I do not know the Pre Colombian Quechua languages and  culture of South America to know if they share anything like words for Time and Months and Phrases and Days and Planets but Europe, Greece, Asia and share many things with others. However as much as these places link Europe the West and islam will probably never mix, they will always have conflict. Albanians for example through DNA tests are possibly Native European but they also have some Turkish through inavsion, they have origin to Illyrians, Thracians, Dacians, or another Paleo-Balkan people whose language was unattested, even though 'Albanian' culture arrived in Europe 500 yrs ago they are still considered seperate and said to be part of a left over tribe from the Ottoman Empire, Some of these tribes and cultures have shifted back and forth over time, a complex history of Kingdoms and wars, Afghanistan also had many different peoples and tribes and ancient gods and religions and culture before it fell to islam. Reagan support islamists against Soviets the big threat of the USSR, Bill Clinton's War in Yugoslavia it was a response to dictator Milosevic, the Serb, the Croat, the Slav, Kosovo Albanian all different kingdoms in their own time. Some political say back then Clinton bombed the Serbs to distract from the oral sex scandal in the Whitehouse, the USA and NATO forces defeated and bombed the Slavs in February 1998 – June 1999 bombing and attacking Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, if you talk to Eastern Europeans some of them have different views on this war. Milosevic eventually charged by the International Criminal Tribunal in the Hague with war crimes in connection with the Bosnian War, the Croatian War of Independence, and the Kosovo War.

Did Bill Clinton support a group of foreign mujaheddinn jihadi Mercs to come into Europe and fight against the Christians of Eastern Europe?...the Hague itself recently turned into a clown shitshow when Bosnian Croat military commander Slobodan Praljak swallowed what he said was poison and died, killing himself on live broadcast and turning the Hague itself into a crime scene on Live Tv, he died on 29 November 2017 aged 72 while on trial and on Live Television. The Croatian government offered condolences to Praljak's family and said the ICTY misrepresented its officials in the 1990s. Prime Minister Andrej Plenković stated that Praljak's suicide illustrated the "deep moral injustice towards the six Croats from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Croatian people". All the party caucuses of the Croatian Parliament except the SDP and GLAS issued a joint statement declaring that ICTY's verdict did not respect the "historical truths, facts and evidence", and that it was "unjust and unacceptable", adding that Praljak symbolically warned of all the verdicts' injustice with his suicide.  The Bosniak member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bakir Izetbegović, said that Praljak was led to suicide by the joint criminal enterprise, while Croat Chairman Dragan Čović stated that Praljak had sacrificed his life to prove his innocence.Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said he would not mock Praljak's suicide but has criticized the reaction of Croatian officials. In year 2001 there was an islamist jihadi Albanian insurgency in Macedonia, known as North Macedonia officially the Republic of North Macedonia and right ontop of Greece.
The NATO peacekeeper force is probably what holds the Balkans together, it is possible if all troops pulled out all the old historical war shit would kick off again.

A weird thing to understand is this 'islam' or mohammedan thing has been at war with the United States of America before America was even born, before the USA was even a heart beat or before the USA had a breath islam has already declared war with the USA....Bush calling it a religion of peace is a lie and Obama's speeches about multi-cultural Jefferson were bullshit btw. The reason the newly formed US Marines were born fighting in Tripoli and Thomas Jefferson had a Quran or Koran is because Jefferson had to confront islam, he studied his enemy. When the USA rebelled and won its independence it lost European Navy that would protect US Traders, the Europeans also sometimes tried to pay tribute and appease the islamists of North Africa by paying blackmail and tributes against islamic threats. Jefferson he inherited troubled relations with the Barbary states so he studied islam just as one war general watches anothers style just as Boxer or Judoka or Karate fighter studies his opponent. That islamic enemy, yes it exists. However it does not mean America needs to go bombing every Arabic Muslim place. Dont bomb them to bring democracy, the thing is they might one day the Arab or Afghan might figure out what to fight for themselves. So the choice sometimes is being stuck between a rock and a hard place, the Greek between Scylla and Charybdis, the Naval choice "between the devil and the deep blue sea" so if America goes in it will be seen as the direct enemy and invader by locals, however if America stays out of it then its possible the Jihadi muslim and other unfortunate moslem these groups of islamics will argue and fight and kill each other over who is the 'better muslim'.

A good reason to criticize islam and call the stupid prophet of islam a thief a terrorist and a pedophile, a good reason to speak out against islam is to speak up for their rights because the first victim of islam is usually the muslim themself.
The Middle East, Arabia, Egypt, Mesopotamia they were once centers of civilisation, they were huge when Europe was a kid Rome and Greece were villages and they were wonders while most of Europe was wearning animal furs and chucking spears, once this mohammed guy and this cult of islamist filth arrives he sets the Middle East on a backward path of war, rape, death, horror and decacy from which even today it may never truly recover.
If you are in a far away island you might not need a wall but Greeks link to Asia and Arabia and Europe so they need a wall to control borders. Japan long ago was aggressive, it is no longer imperial. That does not means its very open and liberal, it strictly controls illegals, refugees and immigration and it is a series of islands so it has an easier time to control its own borders. The United States sometimes calls itself an immigrant nation, a more free and open country, terror attacks and an endless 'War on Terror' have brought questions about immigration and so naturally with the rise of populism and nationalism and Conservatives speaking against immigrantion there are speak who will speak out against any movements of people, even some Left and Libertarian and Democratic Liberals want more secure borders, some in the USA would like to have a wall finished like the Greek.

Can Turkish and Greek be the same, best friends like cousins and brothers?...maybe not... I know Turkish isn't always islamic some Truks are very Western leaning, Turkish is outside all the Arab language family and is probably an old evolved language of Tajikistan, Azerbaijani, Turkmen, Iranian culture and Turkish might even have links to the Mongoild Khan invaders and the language of the Korean, at one time Turkic people were not islamic but now they are heavily influenced by islam.  Even if Turkish do not love the old culture of the Greeks, even if they do not share the names for the days of the week I would not be shocked to see other old links between East and West in the Turkish language. Altaic languages are a proposed language family that links languages like Turkish, Korean maybe even Japanese to a lost old Empire language of the Mongol, Turkic people have a long history of extensive settlement and migration all over Central and North East Asia, I don't know if there is any link between Korea and Greece but some S.Koreans or Turks say there could be a link with their tones and sounds that makes learning each others language more most natural-sounding. There might be some kind of connection with Greek and Turkish food even if the nationalists of both nations refuse to admit it. Nothing in the above is intended to mean that the Greeks invented the names of the days, or even that it happened first in the West but for some reason Japan much pretty much lived in isolation from the West shared the exact same names or gods or planets for the days of the week as they do in the West, Japan of course traded with China and learned its ancient writing system from the Chinese who in turn traded along these old routes with the West. Genghis Khan didn't trade, he shot arrows, stabbed with swords, he raped and stole, he built Mongolia the ancient ruler of China the largest Empire in the world's history, although he took over much of the world most of his warrior language and culture went extinct, as he dies his Empire would break apart into Five different Khanates, one killing itself trying to take India the impossible moutains and Elephant kills the Horse with bow and arrow, one eventually gets too much sand into its brains and goes Iranian Arabic culture the il-Khan, another Khanate family and tride and Empire is stuck in Eastern Europe the Golden Horde beating the European on battlefield but only able to expand so far against Europe's fortified Seige warfare. The old Khan Yellow Mongoloid from the Golden Khanates they would erase themselves, the children of Khan speaking Chinese not Mongolian, the Vietnamese resisted brutally they would burn all rather than surrender to Genghis Khan but Chinese didnt really even try to fight in time China simply absorbed its Mongolian invader and soon every Mongolian person would speak Chinese, nobody wanted to be a barbaric Khan from a failed Empire, cultural conquest from within I guess.

I might post commentary here on the whole Fall of Kabul
East and West is of course is different, religion, language and culture, some peoples share similar history some are also very different.
Rome of course were imperialists, expansionsist and slavers, the Greeks killed people and took slaves, there has been lots of blood spliied and horrors done by peoples over time and a reason tribes and kingdoms fought and nations did not agree in old times.

but if you look back there once was a trade gateway between East and West, Europe, Arabia, trade and religion and talk going to Asia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China. Money and Art and Culture and Business flowing from Europe to the Far East and back and forth it was all one trade route of many peoples. Perhaps it was slow using donkeys and camels but trade existed. many different religion and language, even during wars aginst Iranian Persians these routes remained open for trade, even during wars of Rome against the might of Attila the Hun and his Empire of Alans and Bulgars, the wars and change of Dynasty in ancient China the trade routes mostly continued.

The days of the week are the same the world over....almost...When I was a kid much younger picking up books, before I started reading deeper into history I picked up a few words in many languages, old travel books with phrases in the back. Sometimes it was a German word or someone shouting in a foreign fantasy tv show or an Action movie I seen, a phrase from some HongKong movie with subtitles. I picked up days and notice all the days are the same, everywhere people have the same expression for the day, the same Moon or planet or 'gods'. The languages that link of the Proto-European family, Romance and Germanic and Greco language phrases sets say and the languages of the East, the odd phrase in Chinese or Japanese or Korean they all share the same days. I noticed a similar Hellenistic-Asia-Latin link through all the languages, its like there was this elemental mystic astronomy link inside all the days across alll culture, Seven points, seven planetary objects in the sky that mankind could see. In each language it was almost always the same words for the same days the same planet, the Seven days of the Week named after them.

The days they were Not always 7 of course if you look at the history books you had other systems that wanted a different words and counting Etruscan Romans needed an Eight-day week they wanted to map with the Moon with stupid mathematical writing that made its math impossible to count, there were a tribe and ethnicity of Chinese wanted to put everything into Tens a ten day with another weird calendar.  Did you know that during the French Revolution they changed the week to being 10 days, it was used in government records in France and other areas under French Colonial rule, including Belgium, Luxembourg, and parts of the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Malta, and Italy.  French had their 10 days and weird unique seconds while the rest of Europe constantly mocked them, laughed at them in toons and newspapers, did they even wanted to change seconds to point zero zero something of a second? French even went so crazy as to change all the calendars and clocks into stuff nobody else woudl read. The guys in old Babylon had ideas for Twelve everywhere, maybe 6 or 24 but always a link to 12, all weeks would be 12 maybe Duodemical, I wonder did anyone try hexadecimal? but somewhere in ancient time 7 was chosen for our days from Europe to Asia. 

The first day Monday "moon" or Lunar was Moon-day...ok I know Sunday is the first day of the week in Canada, United States and Japan but the rest of the world with its 'standard' says different, Monday the first day, Tuesday was Mars or Hwa in Korean in Japanese  its Kasai in Chinese WuXing the fire planet...each place pronouced it different but the idea was the same - the fire planet 'Mars', hwa means "fire" even the far of places of Breton and Celtic Scotland and Denmark and Norway you had this Moon and after that with European languages it was Mars or a variation of it like their Wolf or the Greek Ares the Nordic langauges then go off and do their own thing, Wednesday was Mercoledì it was the quicksilver planet Mercury it also suyoi "water", Thursday was the Big God Jupiter also a Forest or Wood planet 木 the Jovian godin Korean the word mok means "wood" French or Italian it was Giovedì or Jeudi for Jupiter or Jueves in Spanish, Friday was the Venus planet 金 it was linked to Silver, Money, Love or Making Babies, it also means "gold" and Saturday, the words spoken across all this trade route from Europe to the Far East was, Saturn or 'Soil' but was sometimes bad meaning time or death Cronus patron of the harvest so crazy he even ate one of his own kids...and Sunday was of course 'The Sun'. I know there are theory and books wrote about ancient lost language of Asia and Europe and some say there are lost languages that link, form analogy between proto Vedic Sanskrit and lost Proto-European languages, the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European.

In Hindu India culture Friday was the Mother Goddess in Hinduism, Saturn was also bad, Shani is 'Black' and is dreaded by Hindus, Sunday is dedicated to Lord Surya the Sun God, maybe these links also spread through war and invasion and events and peoples like Alexander the Great ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon, there may even be a link between Romania in Europe, a link from Roma to Thailand writing, Hindu culture and Thai sanscrit folkore but I don't remember the link now. The idea of the first day, was originally probably coming from way back with the Jew Israeli writing the religion of Monotheism associated with the Jewish calendar, it may even be pre Jewish with links to the Zoroastrian or Egyptian Akhenaten and the idea of having one day of the week, the first or last day dedicated to One Supreme God. People might even debate if Moses existed in Egypt as pharoh type guy they do say in Bibical writing and other religious texts Moses linked to Egyptian royalty and he prayed to the 'One God' the Yahweh the national god of Ancient Israel, part of the Judeo-Christian 'culture' I guess. That 'One God' represented by the Sun or a Burning Bush and giving that one day at the start or end of a week.

Some people will try debate if any of the stuff in abrahamic religions happened, because in a ways it is 'faith' and I can't say if any of this religion stuff is true but maybe there are some truth to religion and even truths to folklore. This religion and days of the week thing in Europe was complicated by the fact that early medieval pagan Europe inherited its idea of the week from imperial Rome, via the Christian church. The Romans beat Pagans and give them Roman gods, they take new lands and fight invaders, they beat the Celts at Gaul but of course tried to take over and appease the other Nordic Germanic peoples while trying to conquer them, Rome goes into collapse but Latin spreads everywhere. English has a root in Roman Latin and modern English language evolves much later is something of a bastard mongrel language with influence from the Latin Romance, the Germanic and the Celt languages and the old French so in English not all the days of the week are the same meaning as Latin, Wednesday in English is wOdin's day, Thursday is an influence of Thor's day and Friday was Freyja one of the preeminent goddesses in Norse mythology but that link between East and West still remains in all the languages along this old trade and culture route, the Slavic Balkan peoples and modern Portugese and some Asians seem to have done their own thing and just called them 'day 1' or 'day 2'.

I admit I know little Arabic. I don't know if I would say I know almost zero Arabic, I know a lot of their lies I guess, their code words, their bullshit propaganda. Some muslims you meet will be very Western leaning, seem hip and trendy...until... I studied mostly what I picked but only because I have listened to Ex-Muslim Atheists and Apostates of islam after coming to a realization a lot of jihadi muslims were lying, there is a kind of jihad-lite people who proliferate islam or promote it because they are afraid to call it out. Some are outright lies, some are illegals and gangsters, some are almost like these back stabbing terrorists, some conservative collecting welfare and popping out big familes and going crazy when they can't control their own daughetrs, some of the women are as insane and hateful as the men, some are scammer hustlers. I possibly have met enough and decided never to listen to their lies again, I am tired of listen to the Liberal regressive leftist give their expert opinion on islam when they have never read their book. I will listen to their culture most mostly through a rational person who is able to speak out against islamists. To be honest I don't like the tones of the Arabs, most sounds of Arabic I just disliked so I had no reason to learn it, I have never liked the pitch and tonal sound of Arabic it is a very moaning sound or sounds harsh like hacking and spitting type language, the audio acoustic of Arabic it babbling or loud or always rubs me the wrong way like nails on a chalk board. The Arabic I have heard speak is usually from places like Memri tv where they turn the tragedy of islam into its own comedy show and will feature crazy muslim debating and then getting into fist fights on tv throwing things at each other.

I have met many muslims in my life but I have little interest in muslim culture even when we are friendly I can sense something wrong like soemthing rotting underneath a house, a smell coming from a basement. Some of the muslim women I have met in the West seem to have been more open, they would rather live free and childless in the West and work than settle with a muslim man in an opressive nation. I tend to avoid relations with them, soem give off that 'crazy vibe' and I have had enough relations with crazy women, the men are possibly less talk and more colsed and more brainwashed than a woman. The realation between Mohammedan and Western non muslim in this time will always be weird, I could even sense this long before events like the 911 Attacks, Embassy Attacks, the Florida Night club Masscre, the protests over cartoons... there is always that weird chaos thing ready to kick off. there has always been something different about their culture. I have listened to stuff explained by ex-muslim Atheists like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Tarek Fatah, Salman Rushdie people speaking about issues from places in North Africa, Pakistan, Arabia, Iran so I'm not totally ignorant of their cultures I do find maybe the sounds of the Kurdish people and the dialects of Yezidi much more pleasant to listen to, some languages or dialects around Africa or the Indian sub continent or S.East Asia or Indonesia I find much more pleasant to listen to but I can not tell you what these local dialects these were, I know there are variations of Arabic and some Arabs have difficulty understanding each other. Whatever old Arabic or modern Arabic is I have little interest in learning much more about their language or culture . I'm pretty sure Arabs use “First” and second for days of the week and although they have incredible astronomy in Ancient Pre-islamic Arabia I understadn that they mistook Venus as being two different planets, a morning planet 1 and they recorded a second evening planet 2. Other ancient cultures began to understand Venus and Mercury were the same planets even if they rose or set in the morning or evening. Some people call their says day 1 or day 2 but the old gods and astronomy names and folklore from the seven days of the week still connects in many languages along the old East-West silk road trade route.

Romanian language and Maltaese language are interesting since they are romance languages but also have their own unique historical influence like Indian Gypsy and Balkan and Semetic influence, Malta is interesting because it belongs to this Afroasiatic Euro culture and language family that outside doing its own thing, isnt really European but closer to East Africa or Jewish and Arab culture while Romani were an Indo-Aryan gypsy people group traditionally nomadic they came from a Lower Caste in India but moved out and settled in the Byzantine Empire moving into Europe. There are many many other language and cultural connections between language and culture even in the ancient unrecorded links between East and West. The problem with communication with islam is it has not evolved much since 1,400 yrs ago, the moslems today can still go insane and stupid if someone eats bacon, or a woman shows too much skin, or a song or musical instrument is offensive, they can attack pop concerts and even go full terrorist jihad against someone for drawing a funny cartoon, I do not believe the West and the cults of mohammedan islam will ever truly have normal relations. One way to re-take a country back from islam seems to be by way of total war. Over Five Hundred years ago the Eastern Capital of the Roman Empire fell, collapsed in 1453, Spanish had seen conquest earlier. It took some very brutal fighting and warfare to reclaim part of the West from islam, in the West of Europe brutal events like Reconquista would lead to Inquisition in the East Vlad the Impaler or the legend of Vlad Dracula, Turkish spiked, forests of bloody corpses on display.

Europe's biggest influence since ancient time is Latin, old Rome was a powerhouse over the Greek. The Greeks have their own  Slavic dialects of Greece they have an Orthodox Church,  Greek Orthodoxy,  Eastern Christianity but even when Rome took Greece they did not destroy it, in fact they wanted to study the Greek, learn from them, even copied their customs, music and Greek pagan gods. All of these Empires and states decay through invasions by enemy, bad leaders sending cultures backward or corruptions or infighting, eventually only 'Eastern Roman Empire'  or Byzantium was left. The rise of mohammedan invaders shut off connections to the Ancient Near East nations and Empires as everything started falling to islam and we started to see islamist occupation of non-moslem lands. The jihadist pedophile death cult of islam exploded out of Arabia, it takes most of what we see in Saudi, Iraq, then wipes out people in Egypt, Syria, erases their language and culture, genocides or holocausts them in a way, erases their identity, the old Iranian Persians try to resist a while but they eventually fall to mohammedan jihadis, then islamist bloodshed and jihad cancer and mohammedans explode and hijack parts of modern Pakistan and India and maybe soon to reach Bangladesh one time known as 'East Pakistan', they sweep across North Africa and arrive in Spain, the Ottoman Turkics would go into the Balkans and take Greek land . There is a reason why Armenians had to flee to a new part of the world as a genocide the systematic mass murder of around one million ethnic Armenians took place. There is a reason why Constantinople is no longer called its name, why its Greek Temples and Christian Churches and Pagan heritage of Ancient Anatolia was smashed and why Ottoman Turkmenistani invaders, the Seljuk Turkic now live in a place that is called modern 'Turkey'. Constantinople has fallen twice in 1204 and 1453, first it fell to the Latin Rome Frank Empire...the seen what Moslems were doing in Spain, the Spainish started to fight islam drive it out of Spain, the Latin and Frank found themselves in a strangle, they blamed the moslem East the Greek part of Rome and Arabia for their misfortune and seen the Byzantine as weak so they attacked Eastern Rome and started to re-take land during the Crusades, Popes went to war and there was suddenly a power split between the Christian Churches of the East and Christian Churches of the West. The first Crusade can be seen as a counter attack to islamics, drive those jihadi moslems out of Europe! but the Fourth Crusade can be seen as Roman agression and Imperialism is considered to have made Byzantine weaker and solidified the East–West Schism.

Greeks were the power of East Rome and Europe then they were attacked by their own and abandoned by their own brothers and became sick. The Byzantine seemed like a broken man or 'Eastern Roman' was weaker, it never really regained power once it shifted West and it finally was over-run by the Turkic so today its not Greek, it owned by the Turkish islamic hijackers, it is the largest city and financial centre of the modern Republic of Turkey. These days relations with the Turkish are strange sometimes heated, he sometimes leans to Russia which makes the West more wary. Things would not be so bad with a Western Leaning Turkey a vision set out by Atatürk but with Erdogan's modern madness people in the West are unsure about this 'ally'. Turkey concerns French, Australia, Greeks, British, Italians, the United States and any other Western nation since it has gone more islamic, the religion of islam  may never work with the West and Western style democracy it may never co-exist with islam. I don't really have anything against the Greeks, sometimes I think they were weird and perverted in their ancient culture but most Greeks I got along great with when I meet them.
America fought a war against the British Empire, 1776 they say or 1775 – September 1783, Greeks had their War of Independence, also known as the Greek Revolution in 1821 against a completely alien islamist culture that took years upon years to overthrow.
If Greece want to build a wall to shield their own that's cool with me. Greece in a way gave biorth to the West, the philosophy of Western civilization is said to originate in ancient Greece. Greece allowed peoople to paint, write poems, examien science and nature, the thinking and debate it revolved around ideas from great thinkers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. The Greek was a farmer a merhcant or solider but had range of ancient Greek achievements in fields as diverse as poetry, mathematics, and sports and they were the free thinkers that studied science.

If they in Greece want refugees, that's their country

if they say they don't want any i guess that's also their choice

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Re: Greece Builds 25-mile Fence to Fend Off Afghan Refugees

For Mars_B4_Moon re #3

SearchTerm:Language review of history of with interweavings of cultures

This is an unexpected gift to the archive, starting with no more than SpaceNut's image of a wall.

For all ... I am open to suggestions for more tags for the content of #3.



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Re: Greece Builds 25-mile Fence to Fend Off Afghan Refugees

Most people I spoke to from Eastern Europe call Belarussians 'Russians' even though they had that WhiteRussia label and were part of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, they see them as Russified or part of the Russian Empire. Soviet-controlled Byelorussian People's Council officially took control of territory, whose populations consisted of a mixture of Poles, Ukrainians, Belarusian and Jews, 1939 in Białystok. Then Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941 and defense of Brest Fortress was the first major battle of Operation Barbarossa.  Belarus was among the 51 founding member states of the United Nations Charter and as such it was allowed an additional vote at the UN, on top of the Soviet Union's vote.

There have been poor relations between BeloRussian Lukashenko and the West or USA, he is often labeled a 'Dictator'.

Poland completes Belarus border wall to keep migrants out … 50243.html


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Re: Greece Builds 25-mile Fence to Fend Off Afghan Refugees

the human trafficker business continues

Forty-one illegal invaders died in shipwreck off Italy

quick somebody tell Zeihan that Giorgia Meloni personally strangled all 41 of them to death while screaming 'Heil Mussolini' … 4_144.html

Pakistan to Europe: Immigration through illegal means … o-66313993


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Re: Greece Builds 25-mile Fence to Fend Off Afghan Refugees

Greek citizen militias “arrest” illegal immigrants setting fires in Evros to distract border control … rol-video/

Poland will guard Belarus border to stop Russian imperialism, gov’t ministers say … isters-say

Robert Kennedy Jr.: "Cartels Are Now Running The Border," "They Advertise Around The Globe" … order.html

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Robert Kennedy Jr.: "Cartels Are Now Running The Border," "They Advertise Around The Globe"
Posted By Tim Hains
On Date August 10, 2023
Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks to podcast host Jimmy Dore about his recent trip to the U.S.-Mexico border where he found migrants from all over the world streaming into the U.S. in a process orchestrated by smuggling cartels.

"No nation can survive unless it controls its borders," he said. "Even more concerning is the humanitarian crisis this is causing in cities across America as these people land in the United States with no legal means of making a living."

"It took me three days down there to really understand what's happening," Kennedy said. "After they come across, many of them have been terribly abused, there's a tree that is visible during daylight called the 'rape tree' where cartels extract the final payment from women as they come across... the people are extorted, exploited, robbed, beaten, raped, and that's part of the issue. The other part of the issue is they come across and they're not released on their own recognizance, they're brought through to the Border Patrol to process and fingerprint them."

"If they you don't have a criminal record, you're asked what city you want to go to. And whatever city you want, if you don't have the money, and many of them don't have any money... the Department of Homeland Security will pay for your plane ticket. You're brought to the airport on buses and put on a plane to whatever destination you want to in the country. It's a crazy system," he said. "They're creating big burdens on the social service systems in those cities."

It looks like the Neo Democratics may have sabotaged themselves, their own NewYork city and State … 2034002388 … 0605987913

Hundreds of illegal invaders have come in with guns and human trafficking smuggling of kids, hundreds of terrorists, maybe 'migrant' workers that will work for a while and return home after a few months, perhaps some genuine 'refugees' and lots and lots of undocumented immigration, the system is totally overwhelmed, there are lots of drug shipments coming across, a narcotic crisis in the USA and it seems to be overrun by gangs and smugglers.


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