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#1 2022-06-09 11:08:25

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A.I Lawyers and Political Activists for Mars?

Very often people training for their whole life in Law or Politics seem to have a limited skill set or let's say a certain person type. Are these personality and skill types useful for the early colonies on Mars? if a catastrophe hits your animals they can't do surgery on a dog or a cow, they are skilled speakers and political debaters but often do not know how to do basic common sense stuff like plough a field nor have the physical strength for this type of farm work, asking them to fix your engine would be a waste of time. Although many can be corrupt on Earth, they simply shill and parrot one liner for their political party, yet their skill sets have use, however on Mars with more pressing and critical issues to be solved, bureaucracy type, they could be as useful as a fish out of water.

Need workers rights...forget flying a corrupted Earth person to argue your case, simply ask the Robot AI with a proven 99.99% success record record on Planet Earth to protest and speak your case on Mars?

Want a Law that Restricts the quartering of Corporate Mars soldiers and Solar System Police occupying in Mars colonists homes...AI will make the banners, it will make perhaps more honestly make speeches and phone calls alongside its human friends.

Asking for free press media, right for expression or other freedoms?

Need a Law Prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures against Mars citizens

Limits the number of times a Mars mayor can be re-elected President.

Want more right for your land?

Since people feel more comfortbale talking to an AI with a human face let's take a pic of the Cab guy from and have that as our human face.


It's already becoming a thing in Asia and Canada, political bot activism is already happening on twitter with Musk complaining most of the people on twitter are fake bots, an artificially intelligent lawyer is a specialized AI-based program and also referred as an AI lawyer or attorney, digital lawyer or a virtual attorney. ROSS Intelligence is one that began life as a research program at the University of Toronto.

This AI attorney says companies need a chief AI officer — pronto … er-pronto/

AI Lawyer "Ross" Has Been Hired By Its First Official Law Firm … l-law-firm

5 Kinds Of Lawyers That Will Soon Lose Their Jobs. … heir-jobs/

Organizational Lawyers.

Legal Consultants.
Corporate Lawyers.

Real Estate Lawyers.

Probate and Estate Planning Lawyers.

Also your AI isn't going to run off to some party with Drink and Drugs and get Blackmailed by the Global Estate of some Royal Prince and Media Moguls and Mafia, it will not be exposed and photographed at some island in the Caribbean?

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#2 2022-06-14 07:08:06

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Re: A.I Lawyers and Political Activists for Mars?

Europe throws down gauntlet on AI with new rulebook … -rulebook/

Europe's proposal includes bans on practices that “manipulate persons through subliminal techniques beyond their consciousness” or exploit vulnerable groups such as children or people with disabilities. Other practices that are banned are government-conducted social scoring, which is a system introduced by China to measure an individual's trustworthiness.

Real-time biometric recognition systems, such as facial recognition, will be banned for law enforcement purposes unless they are necessary to find victims in cases such as kidnappings, responding to terror attacks or finding criminals.

This AI attorney says companies need a chief AI officer — pronto … er-pronto/

Amsterdam-based former litigators launch Uncover, an AI-backed tool to help lawyers ‘win cases’ … win-cases/
'LaMDA for congress!'

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