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#1 2022-05-09 10:20:25

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Goats of Mars... Animals Unconventional

Will animals add to the 'culture'? On Earth in ancient times people made paints from bugs or plants, these bigger animals have been transformed into musical instruments for hundreds maybe thousands of years.

This topic might also include crazy ideas for a future Mars colony like genetically engineered Crayfish, cloned Lizards, animals with robotic 3d printed implants to help them fly? stay secure or stay warm? Tilapia fishmeat, growing fly larvae and general insect populations, spiders to catch insects? something else to feed on spiders? Rabbits pets could be a morale boost for a colony facing mental hardships? Animals are Food, or Manure makers? Mini Cows, some type of Pig or Mangalitsa,  Honey production inside a big Mars Biodome or some kind of Apiary on a Mars Homestead, Llamas and Alpacas which maybe you could ride or train to work like a donkey and other much smaller fur farm animals and of course there are Miniature Donkeys which can be trained to bear loads. We've had discussion on Worms, some sort of Workhorse or Beast of Burden for Labor inside a Mars colony, insects like Bees, Lab Grown and Cloned Bug Meat, Coffee and Tea and Booze even discussed and Weed, building soil and Feldspar and pollination and cloudberry, Shrubs, Fruit, Trees and a book called "Farmer in the Sky" by Robert A. Heinlein, Aquaponics in a Natural Pond, Composting and Nitrogen, Mushrooms and Algae a place for Cattle and Lizards and Chickens? , , , , and Vegetarianism. How Farting and Tooting Cows might Warm Mars?

Goats...They come in smaller size, do a similar job to sheep or cattle.

Will they work for you? They have a personality where they butt heads over nothing, climb everywhere and are near impossible to train, it might be easier to train a psycho stubborn Cat or a Wolf than it is to Train a goat,  they will jump, pawing, stomping, charge start biting, headbutting.

and in scifi Dune

Another musical quirk that raised eyebrows when Dune landed in cinemas was a scene in which an individual plays the bagpipes as the Atreides clan are ceremonially greeted. … 529aba2c14

While the instrument isn't commonly associated with sci-fi blockbusters, Zimmer has now disclosed his logic behind including them – and it's unsurprisingly insightful.

“Everybody’s pointing at the bagpipes in the movie, but to me, they make sense,” he continued. “When you’re the Royal House and you’re being heralded on a new planet, it’s either the fanfares or it’s something that is ancient and timeless at the same time.

"I know that [ the bagpipes ] aren’t just Scottish or Irish. I know that the Middle East is full of [ them ]. Wherever you find a goat and some wood, you can build bagpipes.

"So, doing this thing where the instrumentation was really from ancient, pre-biblical times, [ then adding ] the most out-there electronics seemed like an appropriate choice.”

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