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#1 2022-03-27 18:47:37

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Settlements on Mars

Will there be the same settlement hierarchy on Mars as on Earth?

Musk seems determined to create a city first, which is not normally how things happen on Earth (unless a Government decrees the building of a city).

I think what a river is to settlement on Earth so a central Life Support Infrastructure will be on Mars.  This will mean people tend to congregate in large settlements ie cities. It will be a matter of economies of scale. The Mars City will be able to deliver life support in all its forms cheaply.

It is quite possible that on Mars we will see far fewer "towns".  Settlements will tend to fall into three categories:

1. Large urban settlements ie cities with one huge megacity where most Aresians will live.

2.  Mining settlements - that might equate to villages in the hierarchy but they will be highly focussed on the work task and not really be settlements enabling family life.

3. Individual isolated dwellings.  One can imagine homesteaders with agricultural facilities, sending their produce to the main urban settlements.

I see less need for small or large towns, villages or indeed hamlets. However tourist locations e.g. Olympus Mons and Valles Marineris may have small or large towns built on tourism.

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