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#526 2021-04-04 10:33:02

From: UK
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Re: Election Meddling

Bet he still knows what 10% is though.

kbd512 wrote:


When the margin between victory and defeat can be as few as a hundred votes or less, widespread and pervasive fraud in every state of the union is not required.  Private citizens took it upon themselves to figure out if the addresses listed on ballots were valid.  They found that many of the addresses were simply empty parking lots where nary a resident was to be found.  The only reason Democrats don't find that problematic is because they won.  It's all a moot point now.  We now have a dementia patient running America, someone who doesn't know where he is, who he's currently speaking to, nor what he's currently doing.  He doesn't even remember the names of his cabinet secretaries.

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