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#101 2020-07-22 06:08:54

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Re: New Solar Power Technology … 27494.html

The first study, led by researchers at RMIT University, Australia's UNSW, and the University of Kentucky, found that low-energy light that's invisible to the human eye can be "upconverted" using oxygen to generate electricity, which could allow solar panels to generate more energy using the same amount of sunlight.

Work continues on investigation of perovskite for solar cells:

Another recent study led by the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan found that solar panels may be more inexpensive and efficient if built with a material called perovskites rather than silicon, which most current solar panels are made of.

From Google search:

Natural and engineered perovskites | › content
Nov 10, 2017 - Perovskite is an unremarkable calcium titanium oxide mineral ... silicate perovskites are stable in the mantle of planets larger than Mars.
by P Szuromi - 2017 - Cited by 10 - Related articles

The following Google citations are from 2019:

Not only is perovskite an incredible conductor of electricity, but it also can be transported into space as a liquid and then printed onto panels on the Moon or Mars, unlike silicon panels that have to be built on Earth and then shipped to space.Oct 30, 2019

Building Solar Panels in Space Might be as Easy as Clicking › feature › glenn › building-solar-panels...
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NASA working to print perovskite solar cells in space › nasa-working-print-perovs...
Nov 1, 2019 - ... supply of electricity for an extended stay on the Moon or Mars would use an ink-jet-like printer to make super-thin solar cells from perovskites.



#102 2020-07-22 17:29:17

From: New Hampshire
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Re: New Solar Power Technology … ar%20Cells … 180231.htm

The solar cells that make up a panel are a summation game of connect for current and for voltage that occurs from the light striking the cells. Converting more of the spectrum is why we are getting more energy out.


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