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#51 2004-02-12 21:22:31

From: USA
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Re: Blue about Green vs Red?

I'm a little suprised that anyone would want to keep Mars the way it is when you compare that with the image of a red planet with oceans and forests teaming with life.  Even if there proves to be life there, in bacterial form, I still side with the terraformers.  Aren't there enough dead and lifeless planetary bodies in our solar system?


#52 2004-02-13 10:41:39

From: Phoenix Arizona
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Re: Blue about Green vs Red?

Thats right all those red people can move to mercury, a lifless place, with little hope of changing it.
What would happen if all the chinese jump up at the same time? would america get flooded by the ocean?
Here is an even tougher conflict on Europa there is an ocean which may have live in it. Should people go to live in Europa seas in submarines and dome citys, should we add terrian live there like fish, shrimp, claims? Thats a bigger problem than fretting about some bacteria on mars living deep under ground. smile

I love plants!


#53 2020-03-24 13:45:59

From: New Hampshire
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Re: Blue about Green vs Red?

topic fixed
discusion of Viking and life detection


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