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#26 2019-12-30 15:43:32

From: New Hampshire
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Re: Increasing use

It seems that while adding more mods has been of a great help the incoming new registrations however are mostly lurkers waiting for the chance to do harm.

As the topic suggests how can and do we get participation onto the forum site and for Mars society in general.

This is what out reach is and currently we have just the one member reaching out to others on another forum reposting with permission some fo the posting that relate to there forum. It is hoped that others will register that would want to get there voice heard and or to give help in bringing in new members with skills that compliment, those that are already present.

It would be hoped that others would do the same as part of there daily routine to connect with others, that think space is important. That what we learn from going to space is not a waste of money that we can apply what is made here on earth.


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