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Exploration Programme for Mars

What do you think is the best way to explore Mars?

Here's some ideas:

1. Following on satellite surveys, land Starships at several locations around the planet and at each location begin methane-oxygen production.

2. At these Spaceports - maybe 5 or so to begin with - establish transport centres and basic habitation.

3. Use bulldozer rovers and roller rovers to make firm and clear roadtrails along routes leading out from the Spaceports and ultimately connecting them.  These rovers will be electric powered and will carry their own PV arrays that can be deployed to generate power to recharge batteries. The roadtrails will follow firm ground, often quite elevated to avoid sand accumulations and often passing between crater formations.

4. Use rover teams to set up life support and charging stations along the roadtrails, powered by PV arrays and serviced by robot rovers bringing water, food and other supplies.

5. Human passenger exploration rovers can then strike out from the roadways at intervals and investigate geology, ice deposits and any flora or fauna.

6. Use rocket hoppers - similar to the Apollo landers - to investigate areas difficult to access. Rocket hoppers could be towed along roadways to new exploration zones Robot Rovers could bring up 

7. If possible use large balloons with attached go pro style cameras to undertake observations of ground conditions.

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