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#26 2019-08-18 21:57:57

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Re: Home Solar System to Achieve Energy Usage Offset … l-rentals/

Elon Musk argued that it's still better to buy. You should still save money versus relying solely on the electrical grid, though. While the gains are only modest in New Jersey (between $20 to $180 per year), you could save as much as $650 per year in California.
Purchases could make more sense, too. Musk has touted lower pricing, for a start. And while that still makes it expensive, the selection page at least makes things simple. You choose between small, medium and large panel arrays that cost $7,049, $14,098 and $21,147 respectively. A size guide is available if you're not sure how much you need in your given state. … -shingles/


#27 2019-08-18 22:22:33

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Re: Home Solar System to Achieve Energy Usage Offset


A dollar is a dollar.  Unless you give money to companies out of charity, it makes sense to keep as much of your money in your pocket as you can.  Although I give money to charity, I don't consider electric utility providers to be charitable organizations.  When the price of solar panels comes down to something approaching a major appliance, their use will be ubiquitous.  As always, their installation at the point of use makes far greater economic sense than paying for massive farms that consume real estate and cost more money than what they replaced.


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