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#1 2019-06-30 10:01:59

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LUF Living Universe Foundation

20190630  2019/06/30

The Living Universe Foundation has been renewed in the State of Colorado, thanks to the generosity of a member of the younger generation.

I am grateful to have been able to carry the cost of sustaining the records in Colorado for a number of years.

LUF was brought back to life by a group of supporters in 2011, via a Yahoo Group (Living Universe Foundation) [lufteam]

The archived messages of the lufteam group remain available for viewing for anyone with an interest in the history of the organization over a number of years.

Because a lien had been set in place by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) due to paperwork errors by the officers of the original group, the 2011 team negotiated with the IRS to resolve the issue, and to free the organization to continue under new management.

If I learn of new activity of LUF supporters in the years ahead, I will be happy to report them here.

The Living Universe Foundation was founded by the wife of Marshall T. Savage, author of the remarkable book: The Millennial Project

This new topic is pertinent to the NewMars forum, because Mr. Savage most definitely included settlement of Mars in his vision of the future.

The web site for Living Universe Foundation is

It too was an accomplishment of the team in place in the 2011/2012 time period.


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#2 2019-09-20 08:51:14

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Re: LUF Living Universe Foundation

The Living Universe Foundation remains alive in both a legal and community sense.

The entity was recently renewed as a non-profit organization in the State of Colorado, USA, and members are working on the latest version of

This new version will be (is) built on Wordpress, and I have been invited to contribute an occasional essay to the blog.

I requested and received approval to report on activities of the NewMars forum of the Mars Society web site

My hope is that some cross-flows may occur, as readers of the two sites become familiar with the various offerings.



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