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#26 2019-06-08 08:59:20

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Re: History, The Frontier and its Consequences

For Terraformer #25 ... Thanks for taking a look at the article.  Your comparison of the risks of humanity colonizing the galaxy, and of the globe, struck me as quite interesting.  Your closing line seems overly optimistic, for a person who uses the Mark Watney quote as a signature << grin >>

We have managed to achieve the collective capability to wipe the Earth clean.   The author of the article simply extends that capability to everyone who builds up a community far from Earth. 

This morning the same news feed offered a link to an article first published in Popular Science in 2018.  It reports on research which appears to indicate that persons who hold strong views on (BOTH) the right and left of the ideological spectrum have a trait in common.  To summarize, such persons are unable to adjust after they have made a decision, even if the decision is shown to be wrong.

This is a fascinating concept, and it appears (to my eye) to have played out on this forum, and on many others. … ket-newtab

The practical application of this research, if it is developed further, would be to help in crew selection so as to avoid admitting persons who suffer from this trait.

I would like to add that before posting this reply, I went back and read a number of the messages from the top of this topic.  JoshNH4H and Louis were present in the first set of 25 messages, along with SpaceNut.

The discussion was (largely) about the effect that "having a frontier" has on a culture.  JoshNH4H observed that the Internet serves as a frontier in much the same way as a physical frontier.  I think that idea holds up well, seven years later.

The Internet is under pressure these days, as noted in this forum and elsewhere.  The efforts of Elon Musk and now Jeff Bezos (I understand) to create constellations of Internet servers in orbit may have the useful effect of bypassing the controls established in several nations on the wired Internet.

I note that the person who started the topic,   John Creighton, last posted in 2012.


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#27 2019-06-09 02:35:45

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Re: History, The Frontier and its Consequences

To add to my reply, I don't see how it could lead to the end of humanity, short of developing a weapon capable of destroying the universe (which is a separate but related argument for retarding technological progress). *Someone* will always survive... and that will probably be far more people than the Earth could support on its own. It won't just be stars we colonise.

"I guarantee you that at some point, everything's going to go south on you, and you're going to say, 'This is it, this is how I end.' Now you can either accept that, or you can get to work." - Mark Watney


#28 2019-06-09 08:38:14

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Re: History, The Frontier and its Consequences

Survival seems to be size related with earth and the history is written which proves that intensity of event is another of the factors for why we are still with life at all on earth. Lifes ability to adapt in part is another reason for why we still are here as well.

We are also on a new course where we the perpitrator of global warming will need to adapt of face the same extinction which we are causing for some life forms while it would also seem that new life is also still evolving as a result.


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