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#151 2019-04-22 19:25:20

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Re: Trains on Mars - Could a rail system provide martian need

As long as the resin in the composite matrix can resist the temperatures and chemical properties of whatever is being transported, a CNT composite pipe would work just as well as a steel pipe.  It'd be a heck of a lot stronger and lighter.  There are various resins, plastics, and rubbers that have varying abilities to resist chemical attack against different chemicals.  Some are good against acids, some against bases, some resist chemicals containing benzene rings, etc.  Pick the correct resin and the CNT has substantially more strength than Carbon Fiber.

There are also ceramic binders used in special high temperature Carbon Fiber tubing for vehicle intake or exhaust manifolds, for example, although metals are far more common for those applications because they're so much cheaper and easier to work with when it comes to modifying the shape of the material to go through whatever twists and turns are required to enter / exit the engine.  High end race cars use these specialty CF composites to save weight.


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