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#226 2019-01-18 09:35:17

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Re: Terraforming the Moon - Your opinion, please

Well, my point was to create an ozone layer from lunar oxygen in silicates that traps energy in and converts ultraviolet into heat. Ozone becomes the dominant molecule in the new artificial lunar atmosphere but ozone can be lost. Can Lunar gravity keep ozone and can solar wind strip enough ozone that ozone must be replenished adequately?


#227 2019-01-18 18:12:20

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Re: Terraforming the Moon - Your opinion, please … ackground/

Something along the not so high level of a martian dust storm but for the moon to energize a flow of static charges... … f/6018.pdf

On Mars, silicate minerals, perchlorates and gypsum exist in regolith or atmospheric dust. It is known that silicate dust causes respiratory disease silicosis, perchlorates damage thyroid gland, and substantial amount of inhaled gypsum damages lungs. But with a proper decontamination chamber area it should not be an issue.

Aerosol-ozone correlations during dust transport episodes … 1-2004.pdf

so rather than creating a ionic dust collector we would be creating an ionic charged stream of materials to orbit around the moon at varing altitudes and directions to create a grid chage accross them to retain the air under them. With the dust acting like a cord field....


#228 2019-03-29 08:50:33

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Re: Terraforming the Moon - Your opinion, please

My imagination follows:

The ideal gas particle for an artificial moon atmosphere needs to satisfy:

1) … 3516304869
Its abstract shows that about 95K minimum surface temperature

Out of this list
Only helium, hydrogen, neon, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, fluorine, argon and oxygen are still gas at about 95K

2) Solar_system_escape_velocity_vs_surface_temperature.svg
Only Xenon and heavier gases than carbon dioxide are possible to not escape the moon.

Therefore, is Argon or Krypton the only possible candidate? Due to the atmosphere, hear from the sun are circulated by convention. Then Xenon can be used.

Or should the moon have an artificial atmosphere?

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#229 2019-03-29 09:01:40

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Re: Terraforming the Moon - Your opinion, please

My argument is the Moon should remain airless. Terraform Mars, Venus, and at least one Jovian moon (Ganymede and/or Callisto), but leave airless Luna (Earth's Moon), Mercury, and Io.


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