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#76 2017-12-01 15:38:41

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Re: Nuclear vs. Solar vs. Others

This is an important development.  Electric cars are already cheaper to run that petrol or diesel vehicles over 4 years in several big countries across the planet. This does currently involve an element of subsidy, but clearly the "direction of travel" is all one way -  it will only be a few years before they beat petrol and diesel without any subsidy. … esel-study

Another factor I think will be that the grid will pay you to use your battery to level out electricity supply - so a possible source of revenue as well.

Once you factor in induction charging of batteries on major roads (as you drive along - so relieving motorists of any requirement to "fuel up"), electric vehicles will be clear winners.

We'll see battery operated trains as well (they are already coming into service for short trains - bigger trains will follow in due course).

Once transport and home services fall to solar/wind plus battery (with some supplementary renewables), you only have to conquer heating really.  That too will follow as prices fall.

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