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#1 2017-05-15 04:52:53

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Cydonia and the Golden Mean Spiral (an interesting find)

Hey everyone. I thought I would start my first post with something original I discovered yesterday while messing with The Golden Mean Spiral.
I rotated and scaled the spiral over an image of Mars' Cydonia region (The Face, Pyramids, City, etc) I spent a good deal of time with a hi-res image I had trying to find if there was any correlation in patterns to the spiral. It was apparent that the many tetrahedrons in the area did has some relation to each other and the golden mean. I found may interesting positions of the spiral that would include others in the pattern. But, then I came across some other, older photos of Cydonia that had an area in it that my hi-res pic(and most others on the internet do not show) These photos had the Spiral Mound(Apex Tetrahedron) show in the bottom right. I quickly noticed that the line between the D&M Pyramid and the Apex Pyramid was perpendicular to the The Wall. A quick easy overlay of the Golden Spiral on these three corners placed the spiral middle directly over The Face. This is no coincidence. I cannot find a similar application of the golden spiral to Cydonia anywhere else on the web, most images of Cydonia leave off The Apex Tetrahedron.




I am not implying that this suggests extra terrestrial life. But, I do believe it is clear evidence of extreme order in our Universe. smile

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#2 2017-07-07 09:20:22

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Re: Cydonia and the Golden Mean Spiral (an interesting find)

Mars is filled with geological shapes, much like earths natural sites and one could connect the dots to ET but then again we would have seen more signs than the one on mars I would think.


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