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#1 2017-05-05 14:24:01

From: Oconto, WI usa
Registered: 2017-03-15
Posts: 92

Cacophony of Conflagration

The Past Three Years, I've seen a rise of "Interests Groups" of many levels.
  SEDS - STEM - Mars None, and about thirty other titled themes...

The actual pattern seen here is an increase of intellectual Run-Ups, Starters, and Crowd Funding.

Lovely websites - eye catching graphics - beautifully profound one-liner Titles.
boasting the catch-phrases of:
"We Will Get There"   "We Will Reach For..."    "Our Future is There"    We Are Working Hard"
Etcetera and Etcetera.

All organizations debuting their best foot forward, in their own individualistic right...
and in a constant flow of repetition.
Amongst the cacophony... the letter "I" is found from the term "Team Work"

This is best summed up by having three wrist watches on one arm - which one tells the right time?

Keep the Youth & Community Colleges to Maker_Mars, and align the Young Adults with
the Aerospace Engineers Apprenticeship Programs.

This is not a "new order"... this is protocol of progress.


#2 2017-05-19 11:53:22

From: Oconto, WI usa
Registered: 2017-03-15
Posts: 92

Re: Cacophony of Conflagration

Should have titled this Topic:
       "...Outreach of the Many, Traverses the Future of the One..."
( yeah, it's a Spock thing, sorry )

Was not being facetious pointing out that there are too many "Mars organizations",
.....with the emphasis on: "not being facetious".

All those groups that started "well after the fact", and assuming "they're first".
Usually it's the increasing number of the ever evolving social media groups.
Of course, rebutting posts will gleefully plagiarize in favor of such increase.

Or, is it in your interests to maintain a sense of healthy competition?
Having a constant flux of Mars Groups, is like a mission-driven stock exchange.
In all that, we see a multi-haven of Convention Circuses.

The Mars Society can increase membership by redirecting that focus.
I'm looking for a creative imagination here, that's unbiased and DEVOID of Class.


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