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#1 2008-04-14 05:58:36

From: New Hampshire
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Re: Sign The Space Petition

Sign The Space Petition

MarsDrive has launched a new "Petition for Inexpensive Space Access" for all people. If you would like to see a new space economy form or just want the opportunity to go into space in your time for a price you can afford then consider signing the space petition.

It will be freely available for viewing by all governments and private sector groups at all times and if we achieve high enough numbers (1 Million Plus) we will submit it to government bodies like U.S Congress, the E.U and various other nations with space aspirations. We will also present it to large private sector companies and investment organizations at this point.

The aim of this petition is to support the current new space companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin, Masten, Armadillo and Bigelow and show their potential investors that there is a market for their services and that they should be confident in supporting them.

It is also to show governments that they need to invest more in their space agencies and their private space companies, especially in support of national programs like The Vision For Space Exploration and Aurora in the E.S.A. Sign the Space Petition and pass it onto your friends!


#2 2008-04-14 07:33:18

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Re: Sign The Space Petition

We would like the chance to go into space in our lifetimes — perhaps to orbital hotels, to the Moon, or to Mars.

We therefore appeal to all world space agencies, government leaders, and private sector organizations to challenge them in this matter. We ask them to adopt policies and help develop technologies that will take humanity into space.

This won't fly. It's tough enough getting funding for exploration and space science, asking for government funding to go to an orbital hotel will be laughed at.

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#3 2008-04-14 09:07:31

From: Biosphere 1
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Re: Sign The Space Petition

Maybe it'll be laughed at less if there are a million signatures?

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