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#1 2021-06-05 16:38:19

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Space Futurist, Science and Futurologist Space Exploration Websites

I guess this falls under speculative science of colonisation

The blogger isaacarthur dot net, he's also on SpaceTv
'Springtime on Mars'

Colonizing Mars and terraforming it to be a comfortable future home for humanity is quite the challenge. How would we go about it and how close is close enough for our purposes?
I don't know if these guys are good at making predictions … _will.html
the US Will Still be the Only Superpower in 2030

If China puts a man on Mars before the US, I may change my opinion on this point, but the odds of that happening are not high.

Wired Science Website … g-on-mars/

Gizmodo Science … 1846982649

Kurzweil … rs-in-2023

Euvolution Blogger … quakes.php

The futurist thinking online


#2 2021-12-10 07:24:48

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Re: Space Futurist, Science and Futurologist Space Exploration Websites

Following up on this new topic by Mars_B4_Moon...

Some time ago I was active (at a low level of course) in the World Future Society.

The group held it's first "global/international" conference in Toronto in 1980, and I was there as a contributor in one of the many presentations.

Talks included one on the concept of "hypertext" when it was still a dream in the eyes of Silicon Valley.

Brian O'Leary gave a talk about mining asteroids, and 30 years later that too remains a dream, although at least humans ** have ** landed probes and even taken samples, so there ** is ** progress.

Apparently the World Future Society is still around:

World Future Society
Founded in 1966, the World Future Society is recognized as the largest, most influential, and longest-running community of future thinkers in the world. WFS ...
People also ask
What is the future society?
What do futurists believe?
Is the Futurist a magazine?

World Future Society
The World Future Society, founded in 1966, is an international community of futurists and future thinkers. Wikipedia
Founder: Edward Cornish
Founded: 1967
Headquarters: Chicago, IL



#3 2021-12-30 09:32:21

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Re: Space Futurist, Science and Futurologist Space Exploration Websites

The website is still a great old school news feed website
On slashdot you can also explore tags like space exploation or chemistry, much like twitter allows a person to explore hashtags
Slashdot is almost 25 yrs old and founded by college students, it was called "News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters" after so many years you would thin something better would come along but I still find it to be one of the best news feed sites. The original site was founded way back in 1997

they also have a tech section

I also read on this forum that 'Mars' and space exploration is active as a topic on the more modern site called discord

Scott Manley has an interesting set of social media channels, he is also on Odysee$/search?q=%20ScottManley there are also science and techno and futurist channels starting to grow on Rumble Planetary Formation and the James Webb Space Telescope- channel 'Space, the Universe and Science' … scope.html

Sometimes political news sites be they left wing or right wing they can have interesting science sections under a news banner. I will give a sample of some futurism sites I see or read in a feed, the news on robot, biology, exoplanet, cyborg and exploration stuff I see in news feeds ...some of these news are fringe or deal with cosmology or science fiction speculation science rather than reality so once in a while you might see Scifi-ish conspiracy stuff in these feeds. 'NASA Paid Priests to Figure Out How to Deal With Aliens' type fringe news, you can also get some open information on some open copyright open source, free culture sites or on some dot gov websites or Dot EDU sites.
'Engineering next generation solar powered batteries' … eries.html Terrestrial Fungus May Be Key To Farming In Space, and possibly vertical farms? … -in-space/ What Happens When an AI Knows How You Feel? … telligence 'Desire For Other Worlds.' … her-worlds Scientists Build New Atlas of Ocean's Oxygen-starved Waters … n-map-1227 3-D-Printed Chicken Dinner Cooked by Lasers … by-lasers/ Groundbreaking brain implant allows paralyzed patients to regain use of electronics … paralysis/ What's Next After the International Space Station? … satellites  Detailed Footage Finally Reveals What Triggers Lightning … -20211220/

These are the Best Field Robot Concepts of 2021 - Future Farming … s-of-2021/ Exploring Regeneration: Research to Regenerate Healthy Tissue and Restore Function Newsletter about AI, robotics, biotech and other technologies that make people more than a human This tiny autonomous robot transforms the desert into a verdant landscape. … 2-21-2021/  2021 Was a Great Year for Zoning Reform … ng-reform/ China upset about needing to dodge SpaceX Starlink satellites - A formal complaint to the UN under space treaties says the US is responsible. … atellites/ Tech powers vertical farming growth in Japan … h-in-japan Entering the Nanosheet Transistor Era … istor-era/  Scientists Have Found a Way to Make Foldable Keyboards Out of Any Paper … yboard/amp Grover robot does the heavy lifting in high-tech greenhouses … -ox-farms/

James Webb Space Telescope's smooth launch extended its life expectancy, NASA says … nasa-says/ A New Off-Road Electric Truck Concept Boasts Bat Wing-Shaped Solar Panels … lar-panels Brain Chip Allows Paralysed Man To Post First Ever ‘Direct-Thought’ Tweet … rain-chip/ The Great Filter, a possible explanation for the Fermi Paradox … in-hanson/ Hyundai reportedly stops developing new combustion engines … 56919.html China Created an AI ‘Prosecutor’ That Can Charge People with Crimes … tor-crimes If AI Is Predicting Your Future, Are You Still Free? … free-will/ ‘Disastrous’ plastic use in farming threatens food safety – UN … -safety-un  Scientists in Australia, US and Europe are testing a new biofertilizer made from a fast-growing freshwater cyanobacterium Tolypothrix (blue green algae), which can fix nitrogen from atmosphere without need for additional nitrogen fertilization … arms-26433 Futurist Moon society contest on drive … osAxU0Vj5S NASA’s Space Launch System Will Lift Off … l-lift-off A 62-Year-Old Paralyzed Man Sent Out His First Tweet With Brain Chip. … brain-chip Largest Farm to Grow Crops Under Solar Panels Proves to Be a Bumper Crop for Agrivoltaic Land Use … n_E.reddit '8 ominous climate milestones reached in 2021.' … -time-2021

tahanson43206 wrote:

the World Future Society is still around:

Thanks, they are an interesting read

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#4 2022-01-05 14:06:26

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Re: Space Futurist, Science and Futurologist Space Exploration Websites

Some more news feeds about Robotics, Astronomy, Biology and A.I

New AI Solves, Grades & Generates University-Level Mathematics Problems(Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and More) by Program Synthesis … 0c92b2cef5
Looking back on the year’s most talked-about robots
Why Intelligent Extraterrestrials Are More Likely to Be Artificial Than Biological … 01423.html
Hyundai imagines a world in which it has turned everything into a robot … nomous-ces
A solution to dark matter: New evidence for hydrogen’s second flavour … d-flavour/
The largest solar farm in Kentucky will be built on a former coal mine … coal-mine/
Mines powered by robotics and AI promise explosive growth … ve-growth/

You also have writer personality types both alive and passed who have their content published they write blogs or have video media or content shared across social media, Peter Diamandis, Michio Kaku, Arthur C Clark, Carl Sagan, Max Tegmark, Ray Kurzweil like other I have mentioned above in previous posts. Some great writers have since died but the ideas do not go out-of-date. … xploration , … -mars.html

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#5 2022-03-11 09:27:28

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Re: Space Futurist, Science and Futurologist Space Exploration Websites

Seems that Anton Petrov who many have linked here or quoted on the newmars forums has lost his infant son, Neil Apollo Petrov, has passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


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